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Grand Parliament of Venetia

The Grand Parliament of Venetia is where the central government of Vennos is located, holding a total of 1064 seats. A political party, or a coalition of political parties must have 533 seats minimum to hold power.
In order to gain any seats in Vennosian Parliament, a political party must pass the 5% national vote threshold. Only those that surpass it will have their rightful amount of seats given. For smaller political parties, they will still be on the ballot of the next election, as long as they hold at least 1% in national polls, or if they surpassed 1% threshold in previous election.

The Grand Parliament of Venetia currently has 6 political parties which managed to pass 5% vote threshold in latest election.

Nationalist Party (27,3% / 310 seats) +5,2% / +51
This political party strongly believes in tradition, however, they have in past decades grown to become 2nd biggest political party as they accepted modernism and worked to make all Vennosian cultural divisions adapt to modern lifestyle while still preserving their cultural identity. They are strongly against multiculturalism and are the reason why no outsiders are able to gain permanent citizenship in Vennos. Nationalist Party of Vennos is known to work very well with Purple party, as both of them have much respect for each other. The Purple Party view them as the best political party as of today that keep Vennos stable and united.

Purple Party (21.3% / 242 seats) -2,6% / -39
This political party believes in modernisation, they strongly support programs and services that are efficient, both in upkeep and output. They believe in that the nation is as good as it's infrastructure, technology and economy. They work well with most other political parties, and almost always manage to form a coalition with other political parties.

Industrial Party (15,5% / 187 seats) -0,8% / -16
This political party is one of the oldest, dating back to industrialisation of Vennos, they have helped Purple Party advance Vennosian power system, turning it from majority fossil fuels to majority nuclear power. This political party is the most well known, due to being the oldest lasting political party in Vennos, however, they don't always manage to form a coalition due to the fact that Vennos Inc. Political party is more efficient at what Industrial party does, however main difference being that Industrial Party is much less corportate.

Confederate Party (14,7% / 167 seats) +1,5% / +12
This political party believes that Vennos should be less centralised than it is now, even though the central government in Venetia doesn't often get involved in issues outside of the capitol. They used to be the main opposition for the political party "Unitary Party" which was dismantled 85 years ago, due to failing to reach 1% threshold in national election, Confederate party is the second oldest political party that still exists in Vennosian parliament, behind Industrial Party. Today, the confederate party is known as the third-vote party for those who don't agree with policies of Purple Party and Liberal Party.

Liberal Party (7,1% / 81 seats) -0,7% / -11
This is the main opposition for the Purple Party, however they have been struggling to gain large amount of votes in Vennos since majority of the public doesn't agree with their policy on allowing more migrants in and their policy on nationalising some Vennosian industries, so they have never managed to form a coalition with another political party due to being very out-there for our standards, as well as being against the interests of the Purple Party.

Vennos Inc. (6,7% / 77 seats) +0,4% / +3
This political party works with corporations and large companies of Vennos, only during times of economic growth they are able to collect large amount of votes, since their corporate approach is mostly an appeal to wealthy Vennosians. Main reason they gain votes in times of prosperity is that they are able to fund Vennosian entertainment industry the most, and with more money they can sponsor more famous people of Vennos, as well as the fact that they are the wealthiest political party.

The current coalition consists of Purple Party, Industrial Party, Confederate Party and Vennos Inc. (63%)