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My NS Family

The Family:
The Potatoez: The younger brother that hears your orders but doesn't listen
GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob: The rebellious younger brother that has an identity crisis and keeps fighting himself
The Age of Utopia: The dad that probably had some... run-ins with the cops when he was young (may have taught me the love of violence)
Zebruski: The eccentric cousin who rambles about some crazy stuff. (Dad: Sawism)
Northern Water Tribes: The czech cousin who moved out
Sysillia: The bud of NWT where he moved in
Sawism: The uncle who is cool and lets you do stupid stuff like blowing up boxes and whatnot and probably works for the cartels
The Friends/Contacts:
Celestial Wave: Friend assigned with a project with you and you end up completely off topic
The Imagination Animals: Random Discussion with Friend
Neue deutsche Kaukasier: The one cool teacher
Sun Burst: The friend's friend
Southern and Northern Caledonia: Leader of your local Antifa unit
The Voice in the Back of Your Head and Kepler-0086: The friendly guys at the neighbourhood Papa The Voice in the Back of Your Head
Sorianora: The ill-intentioned good principal of a corrupt and questionably motived pretty decent school *looks behind shoulder* "is he gone"
New Sarians: Half the time is absent doing idk
Marmots: Can somebody call the zoo and turn this guy in
Tocan Isle: Friend's rival's friend's opponent's assistant's boss
Questionable Acquaintances:
Littlelife: i cant even