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Nations of the Wake Islands - Bold Territory


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The Wake Islands


Kingdom of Sud
Leader: Jacob Lenana (Chief Minister)
Population: 41,138
GDP pc: 1,205 IAD
State of Government: Stable

Location: Raedlon; near Nhoor and Alteran Republics
Major influencers: Nhoor
Major players: Westmoor Isles, Martenyika, The Tsunterlands

The Kingdom of Sud is a small constitutional monarchy in Raedlon, bordered to the east by Atolla and to the north by Norregan. The capital city and the only major settlement within the nation is Karanoa, which has a population of about 29,000.The nation is divided into two islands - the larger island known as ‘Big Island’ which Karanoa is on the southern tip of whilst ‘Little Island’ is immediately to the west of the main island. A person from this country is known as a ‘Sudite’.

Historical Timeline

The two islands experience a largely oceanic climate (Cfb) and much of the nation remains as preserved temperate wet forest, with the exclusion of the urbanised Karanoa. Temperatures rarely exceed 28 celsius or don’t typically go under 5 degrees celsius. The two islands, especially Big Island, are mostly flat with a small amount of hills. Sud has a small economy which is primarily built upon agriculture, fishing and services. International aid, particularly from ___, also represents a major component of the nation’s economic activity. Sud is arranged as a constitutional monarchy, with Jacob Lenana as Chief Minister having oversight of the Pahia, the bicameral legislative body in the nation. The current head of state is King Lefia Kelarelo II.

Sudites have a culture built on loyalty and community, with a strong tradition of fishing and hunting. Many outside of the capital Karanoa continue to practice their ancient beliefs whilst those within urban areas are typically either Duvactists or Christians.

The level of infrastructure in Karanoa is quite good relative to the rest of the Wake Islands, with sealed roads, grid electricity and mains water all available. However, the nation continues to have an underdeveloped health system and a complete lack of formalised social security - this often means that those across the islands rely on their communities for welfare and support in the absence of government aid. There is one tertiary hospital - Karanoa General Hospital, a small hospital attached to the University of the Wake Islands. Karanoa also hosts the central campus of that University, which is also present to an extent in Norregan and Atolla.

Islands of Atolla
Leader: Lewen Kelau (President)
Population: 38,341
GDP pc: 1,134 IAD
State of Government: Fragile

Location: Raedlon; near Nhoor and Alteran Republics
Major influencers: Alteran Republics
Major players: Keverai, Jeriga, Westmoor Isles

The Islands of Atolla are a small republic in Raedlon, bordered to the northwest by Norregan and to the west by Sud. The capital city and major settlement on the island is Atolla, which as a population of about 23,400 residents. The nation is one singular island - known as Atolla Island and the capital, informally referred to as Atolla City is along the northern coast of the nation. A person from this country is known as an ‘Atollan’.

Historical Timeline

  • 1461; Alterans first land on the island and makes contact with natives

  • 1465; first Alteran settlers arrive, along with a missionary and trade mission

  • 1472; first permanent colony established - named "New Altera" - later renamed to Atolla

  • Company Colony charter established in 1652; island handed over to the Mesder Trading Company

  • 1798; Company Colony merged into the Alteran Commonwealth; Dominion of Atolla formed

  • Atolla Independence Act passed into law, granted additional freedoms and autonomy for the island to come into effect in 1997

  • Full independence granted in 2016

The island experiences a climate that conforms to the oceanic or Cfb classification. Much of the nation is quite dry and to an extent hilly, with pockets of dense forest. Temperatures typically are around 24 degrees celsius during the day and in the mid to low teens at night. The nation sits upon one island - the name of which being Atolla. Atolla has a small economy which relies on agriculture, textiles and plastics. International aid is also a major supporter of the economy, with much of that money injected from ___ . The government structure of Atolla in the modern day is a republic. It was formerly a monarchy until that was overthrown in 2016. The head of state is Lewen Kelau, who serves in the office of President and has oversight over Congress, the legislative body.

International aid is also a major supporter of the economy, with much of that money injected from ___ . The government structure of Atolla in the modern day is a republic. It was formerly a monarchy until that was overthrown in 2016. The head of state is Lewen Kelau, who serves in the office of President and has oversight over Congress, the legislative body.

Due to the recent revolution, Atollan society is reeling from societal unrest. Atolla has been divided between ethnic and religious lines. The revolution’s success has divided Atollan society into a fragile one. Increased conflict and civil unrest has devolved into a culture of identity and ethnic politics. Conflict between the religions of _____ and _____ have gotten more tense since the recent revolution as they vy for political and social power, capitalizing on the recent unrest.

The level of infrastructure across the nation of Atolla is quite scant, with their being few sealed roads in Atolla City itself and a lack of stable electricity anywhere across the island. Mains water is available along the north but otherwise wells are the major source of water. Atolla lacks a strong health system, with non governmental organisations being key to the health of the citizens. Social security is absent from the nation. There is one tertiary hospital in Atolla - the Island Base Hospital, a small outpost hospital attached to the University of the Wake Islands’ campus in Atolla City.

Kingdom of Norregan
Leader: Falini’Okilanoa Ilinakara (Queen)
Population: 39,413
GDP pc: 1,134 IAD
State of Government: Stable but leaning authoritarian, strong sense of absolutism.

Location: Stakerenea Islands, Wake Islands, Raedlon; near Nhoor and Alteran Republics
Major influencers: Domanania
Major players: Ioudaia, Westmoor Isles, Serpens Land

The Kingdom of Norregan is an absolute monarchy located in the Wake Islands. It is bordered to the south by the Kingdom of Sud and to the south-east by the Islands of Atolla. Its capital is the small coastal city of Genna, located in the eastern side of Ilinakara Island, part of the Stakerenea Islands. Only a fourth of the population lives in the capital city while the rest is scattered throughout the Stakerenea Islands. The international name of the kingdom, Norregan, is named after the Norregan People, one of the original settlers of the Wake Islands. The local name of the country is Nerekoa.

Historical Timeline

  • The Norregan People came to the Wake Islands and settled around the Stakerenea Islands as early as 1000 BCE. There have been several theories of how they got there, the most plausible one being that the Norregan people are a sea-faring people from Argus. The Norregan eventually settled into small tribal communities, relying on fishing for much of their food.

  • Around the 1600s, trade finally came to the islands from nearby Raedlon and Norregan was one of the few settlers of the Wake Islands that opened up.

  • In 1729, a tribal chieftain known as Ilinakara’Toatou Falakira, also known to the Norregan people as the Uniter (Karana), conquered the Stakerenea Islands and united it under the name of Nerekoa.

The government of Norregan is fashioned after its old tribal political system. The Kingdom of Norregan is ruled by an absolute monarch, presently Queen Falini’Okilanoa Ilinakara, and a Council of Elders called Atanoara. Members of the Council of Elders are usually elected elders from each orana or community. All decisions and legislation are presented to the monarch for approval. The Rapids Palace, located in Genna, is where the royal family and the Atanoara reside.

Much of the Norregan economy relies on fishing and light industry. Most Norregan agricultural and food businesses in the country are owned by the government, the largest of these the Norregan Royal Fishing Company which guarantees a government monopoly on fishing rights in the country. Food production is also tightly controlled by the government and is given out in rations decided by the Atanoara. Light industry in Norregan, mostly manufacturing, are the few privately-owned businesses in the country.

Infrastructure in Norregan has improved over the past decades, almost on par with its rival Atolla. They have their own electric grid and water supply, owned and operated by the Norregan Royal Utilities Council. Healthcare in the country is also owned by the government and are usually provided for free, however, corruption and bureaucracy has resulted in an inefficient system. Infrastructure is fairly basic, with roads connecting the scattered communities of Norregan. Public transportation is available, with a basic rail system and bus system owned and operated by the royal government. Norregan’s only airport, Ilinakara’Toatou Falakira International Airport, is located on the outskirts of Genna.

Relations with its neighbors have been strained over the past decades. While once a united people, the people of the Wake Islands have turned against each other, split apart by varying interests. Norregan is no exception. After the revolution in Atolla that overthrew its monarchy, Norregan has severed ties with Atolla and has denounced its new government. Until today, Norregan views Atolla as an illegitimate state and plans to incorporate it under the Kingdom of Norregan. Meanwhile, Norregan views Sud as its rival, both nations competing in trade and economics.