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The Day Two Text (Acting Constitution of Entropy)


[b]Article I: The Original Text[/b]

I.1) The Founder of Entropy will be styled the King Regent until his abdication on the 100th day. All power in the region belongs to the King Regent unless delegated through this document or its legal successor documents to other bodies or individuals. This clause may not be amended or abolished and will remain in force irrespective of all future legislation.

I.2) This document is empowered by the King Regent as the acting constitution of Entropy until his abdication on the 100th Day OR its abolition by future legislation, with the exception of Section 1.

I.3) The Discord server with the Server ID 812106288557064242 is the only off-site chat empowered by the King Regent and the only official off-site property of Entropy.

I.4) The King Regent may appoint Custodians to assist in the maintenance of the Discord server and enforcement of his moderation guidelines, which take precedence over any and all legislation including this document.

I.5) The World Assembly Delegate of Entropy will be styled the Heir. The Heir is entitled to access to #the_heirs_chamber and all powers granted to the Delegate by the King Regent at his discretion.

[color=red][strike]I.6) Upon election or re-election as Heir during each NationStates update cycle, the Heir is entitled to make one direct request of the King Regent for his consideration only. This request can be a policy change of any scope, but the answer is final and cannot be overturned by any other body or individual with the exception of the King Regent.[/color][/strike]

I.7) The nations of Entropy shall be styled Participants, and they are entitled to access the channel #chaotic_commons.

I.8) The WA nations of Entropy shall be styled Electors, and they are entitled to access the channel #chaotic_council. Upon resignation from the WA, an Elector must return with a WA nation within 12 hours or lose Elector status.

I.9a) The Chaotic Council is hereby established as the primary decision-making body of Entropy, answering only to the King Regent.

I.9b) All Electors are automatically entered into the Council, and hold votes in the body equal to the number of WA endorsements they had in Entropy as of the most recent major update cycle.

I.9c) All votes proposed by the Council will begin at the behest of the King Regent OR the Heir, and end after the next NS update cycle.

I.9d) All votes proposed by the Council must be resolved with at least half of all votes present. If this is not reached, then the vote begins again, with no votes carried over, on the next NS update. The vote will still need to be started by the King Regent or Heir.

I.9e) If the vote rolls over to the next update, all Electors who did not vote will have their votes halved ONLY for the purpose of counting towards the body’s total votes. If the Elector who did not vote registers their vote, this penalty is overturned for them. This clause does not apply if the rolled-over vote started less than six hours before the region update.

I.9f) The Chaotic Council is hereby granted the power to amend this document with a three-fourths supermajority vote of the body, with absent votes not counting towards its resolutions. It is granted the power to abolish this document with a four-fifths supermajority vote. [color=red]It is granted the power to eject and/or ban a nation from Entropy with a 60% majority vote.[/color] All other votes need a two-thirds majority to pass.

I.9g) All resolutions passed by the Chaotic Council are subject to a veto by the King Regent.

I.10a) The Chaotic Commons is hereby established as the secondary decision-making body of Entropy, and all resolutions passed by this body are sent to the Chaotic Council. The collective body of governance of the Commons and the Council will be styled the Chaotic Congress.

I.10b) All Participants are automatically entered into the Commons, and hold one vote per person.

I.10c) Legislation written by the Commons are styled as petitions. Petitions do not have any deadline by which they must get their approvals.

I.10d) Any petition that is approved by at least half of the Commons will be brought to the Chaotic Council for deliberation. An approval should be counted in the form a Discord emoji reaction of the petitioner’s choice, e.g. :thumbsup:

[b]Article II: The [strike]Ancient[/strike] Scrolls[/b]

II.1) Congress shall make no law establishing a religion other than that of [strike]Chaos[/strike], which worships [strike]the Chaos Gods[/strike], as defined by the Church of [strike]Chaos[/strike].

II.2) The High [strike]Priest[/strike] is a permanent Regional Officer position, responsible for maintaining the Appearance and Communications of the region. The High Priesthood of Raxion permanently occupies this position in exchange for never seeking the crown, and can never be ejected. The High [strike]Priest[/strike] is the holy speaker of [strike]the Chaos Gods[/strike], and their chosen representative. The High [strike]Priest[/strike] is the highest and supreme office in the Church of [strike]Chaos[/strike].

II.3) If the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] is ever elected World Assembly delegate by endorsement, the position of “Heir” becomes metaphysically and spiritually “out of play.” Entropy becomes a legal theocracy throughout the update, and the "Theocracy" tag is added to the region. The position of World Assembly delegate and High [strike]Priest[/strike] are temporarily merged into the “[strike]Prince-Bishopric[/strike]” This supersedes section 5 of the Day 2 Text.  No votes can occur in either the Chaotic Council or the Chaotic Commons. The day becomes a holy day, where open political action is frowned upon.

II.3a) If the High [strike]Priest[/strike] is Prince-Bishop on the 100th day, they will not be given the Founder as would be the case for an Heir. Instead, the Entropy Project will continue. The High Priesthood of Raxion will be given Executive powers as World Assembly delegate, and the Constitution will be abolished. Usurping Raxion will end the Entropy Project and the usurper will be the new winner.

II.4) The High [strike]Priest[/strike] may appoint [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike] from among Participant nations that are not part of the World Assembly. On becoming [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike], they take a vow in the name of [strike]the Chaos Gods[/strike] to never join the World Assembly. If they ever join the World Assembly, they have until the next update to resign from the World Assembly, or to leave Entropy, or they will be excommunicated.

II.4a) Excommunication permanently bars any nation from having [strike]Cardinal[/strike] status for the rest of the hundred days. Excommunication can be applied to anyone except for the High [strike]Priest[/strike], even [strike]non-Cardinals[/strike], which would theoretically bar them from ever becoming [strike]Cardinals[/strike]. Excommunication status cannot ever be removed, unless by the King Regent such as [strike]through the Heir's favor privilege[/strike] [color=red]the result of a Crown jewel trade[/color].

II.5) All [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike] belong to the “[strike]College of Cardinals[/strike]”, a voting body on holy matters, and has access to the [strike]#cardinal_college[/strike] channel. Every [strike]Cardinal[/strike] in the College has 1 vote, and the High [strike]Priest[/strike] has 3. The [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] can, through voting, make the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] do anything within its power, such as change the appearance of the region, send out mass telegrams, endorse or un-endorse particular nations, [color=red][strike]excommunicate anyone,[/strike][/color] or even vote a certain way within the Chaotic Council, as the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] is the collective Elector representative of the entire College. Any [strike]Cardinal[/strike] can start a vote, and the vote becomes confirmed the moment enough [strike]Cardinals[/strike] have voted to outnumber any dissent.

II.5a) The [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] cannot force the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] to appoint anyone to the College, leave the region or the Discord server, resign from the World Assembly, remove the Discord link from the World Factbook Entry, or break the terms of service of NationStates or Discord through the priesthood’s actions. The High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] also has the solemn right to insert the song of the day on the 100th day, something the College cannot change.

II.5b) During a Theocracy, the [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] temporarily becomes the “official” voting body of the region. They may only vote on the same spiritual matters they always had the ability to do, and nothing more, except [color=red]that the [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] as a collective body is given a jewel each time the [strike]Prince-Bishop[/strike] is elected[/color].

II.6) Once a nation is appointed a [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike], the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] cannot remove them on their own. As well as the reasons for excommunication stated already, if any [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike] were to leave Entropy, they are temporarily barred from the College, but can return as [strike]Cardinals[/strike] freely at any time. A [strike]Cardinal[/strike] nation could even join the World Assembly while outside of the region, but cannot be part of the World Assembly once they return, lest they be automatically excommunicated. If a [strike]Cardinal[/strike] is discovered to be breaking their vows through World Assembly puppets, they will be excommunicated.

II.6a) The [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] may also vote to impeach one of their own members from the College, or even excommunicate them permanently, should the votes allow it.

II.6c) [strike]Cardinals[/strike] will also be automatically excommunicated if they are inactive for 10 days. If they know they will not have the ability to be active for an extended period of time, they may secure their positions by being temporarily barred from the College, and can return as [strike]Cardinals[/strike] freely at any time.

II.6d) [strike]Cardinals[/strike] may also be impeached by the Chaotic Council, but cannot be excommunicated by it, meaning the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] has the power to re-appoint them as [strike]Cardinals[/strike] the next update. [strike]Cardinals[/strike] are also automatically excommunicated if the King Regent bans them from the Discord server at his discretion.

II.7) If it has not already done so, by Day 30, or if at least 50 non-World Assembly nations have Participant masking on the Discord, the High [strike]Priesthood[/strike] is legally required to appoint enough nations as [strike]Cardinals of Chaos[/strike] to theoretically outnumber it in any College vote and has to maintain this position of being outnumbered for the remainder of the 100 Days.

[b]Article III: The Directorium Inquisitorum[/b]

III.1) The channel #nonexistent_church will be added to the Discord server. It is visible for all to see, but only church members, including [strike]Acolytes[/strike], will be able to speak in it, except when special permission is given. Future church announcements are made there.

III. 2) Inquisitions are Entropy's way of judging whether someone has broken a law, or a tenet of [strike]Chaos[/strike], and how to enforce its punishments, guided by the [strike]Chaos Gods[/strike]. Inquisitions are lead by the Church of [strike]Chaos[/strike]. A nation may face an Inquisition if it is accused of Sin, Heresy, or High Crimes. Inquisition Trials take place in the #nonexistent_church.

III.2a) Any accused has a right to an Angel's Advocate, an appointed member of the church who will defend them. All Heirs Emeritus can choose a specific church member to defend them, but the High Priest has the right to decline if they are chosen as an Angel's Advocate, unless in the case that the King Regent himself is accused. They will be prosecuted by an Inquisitor, another appointed member of the Church. Both the defense and prosecution have a right to an opening and closing statement. The jury will be made up of the High [strike]Priest[/strike] (unless he is serving as Inquisitor or Advocate), the College of Cardinals (minus any accused members, or those serving as Inquisitor or Advocate), and a single Lay Person, appointed by the Judge from non-Church Participants, temporarily allowed to speak in the #nonexistent_church.

III.2b) High Crimes are defined as breaking of the law as established by Congress or the acting Constitution of Entropy. Any nation may be accused of a High Crime, but only the High [strike]Priest[/strike] or the King Regent may decide to take it to trial. The jury will decide, by majority vote, if the accused is guilty of High Crime. The King Regent himself serves as the judge and decides sentencing, and can sentence the guilty using anything in his power as founder, including ejection or banning of a nation, if he decides it is right. The King Regent may also decide to appoint an acting Heir as judge in his stead, so long as they are not accused. The Judge may declare a mistrial at any time, ending the Inquisition inconclusively. Acting Heirs have the power to pardon anyone previously convicted of a High Crime, so long as they were not the ones accused, but the King Regent can deny any pardons. Any extra trial procedures can be legislated by Congress or negotiated between the respective parties and the Judge, as High Crimes are not purely Church matters.

III.2c) Sin is defined as acting against the tenets of [strike]Chaos[/strike] as defined by the Church of [strike]Chaos.[/strike] Sin trials can never result in excommunication. Sin trials are defensive - anyone accused of doing Sin, by anyone, may demand a Sin trial from the Church to prove that they have NOT done Sin, and to clear their name, which the High Priest may take to trial. The jury will decide, by majority vote, if the accused has sinned. The High [strike]Priest[/strike] will serve as Judge, as he cannot commit a Sin, but he may recuse himself and appoint any [strike]Priest[/strike] in his place, so long as they are not the accused or serving as Advocate or Inquisitor. The Judge may declare a mistrial at any time, ending the Inquisition inconclusively. The Judge may decide any extra sentencing within both the High [strike]Priest[/strike] and the King Regent's power, but the King Regent has the ultimate decision to deny or change the punishment as he sees fit. As sins are Church matters, the Church can decide more trial procedures on a case-by-case basis.

III.2d) Heresy is defined as blaspheming against the [strike]Chaos Gods,[/strike] proclaiming that the Church of [strike]Chaos[/strike] exists, or expressing heretical doctrine. Any ordained member of the Church may accuse anyone else of Heresy, except for the High [strike]Priest[/strike]. This accusation would only be valid if decided by an Inquisition, which the High [strike]Priest[/strike] or [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] may take to trial. If a Heresy is valid, they are immediately excommunicated. The High [strike]Priest[/strike] will serve as Judge, as he cannot commit Heresy, but may recuse himself and appoint any [strike]Cardinal[/strike] in his place, so long as they are not the accused or serving as Advocate or Inquisitor. If the Jury decides they have committed Heresy, they become Excommunicated. The Judge may decide any extra sentencing within both the High [strike]Priest[/strike] and the King Regent's power, but the King Regent has the ultimate decision to deny or change the punishment as he sees fit. The Judge may declare a mistrial at any time, ending the Inquisition inconclusively. As Heresy is a Church matter, the Church can decide more trial procedures on a case-by-case basis.

[b]Article IV: The Academic Society of Entropy and Chaos[/b]

IV.1) An academic organization, dubbed the Academic Society of Entropy and Chaos shall be created.

IV.1a) The Academic Society shall have no leader and instead have equal academic peers. However, a Secretary shall be elected by a simple majority over a period of 24 hours to lead and record discussion, record the events of each day in the Entropy Chronicles, and nothing more.

IV.1b) The Secretary of the Society can be removed by a simple majority vote among the Society, said vote lasting 24 hours.

IV.1c) The King Regent may call for a special election for Secretary at any time, and the sitting secretary may not run.

IV.2) The Society shall be responsible for hosting discussion on the meaning of Chaos as well as contributing submissions to the College of Lore. All may partake in discussion, except for those in the nonexistent church.

IV.3) The Society shall have a channel in the Entropy Discord server, meant to facilitate discussion. This channel will be titled #the_academic_society.

IV.3a) Members of the Society shall have their Discord roles be styled as Academic Peers of Entropy.

IV.4) All members of the Society are permitted to retain World Assembly membership on their Entropy nation, and are encouraged to contribute to the chaos that is Entropy. 
IV.5) The Society shall admit any member wishing to join, except for any clergy of the nonexistent church [color=red]with the exception of Acolytes[/color].

IV.5a) There shall be no oath required of any member, regardless of what they mean to represent in the Society.

[b]Article V: The [strike]Order[/strike] of the Chaotic Crowns[/b]

V.1) The [strike]Order[/strike] of the Chaotic Crowns, hereafter just "the [strike]Order[/strike]", is hereby established. The Heir and all Heirs Emeritus shall be automatically inducted into the [strike]Order[/strike].

V.2) Article 1 Section 6 is repealed in its entirety. In its place, the [strike]Order[/strike] will facilitate the function previously ascribed to Section 6: the ability to make requests of the King Regent.

V.3) The Crown of Chaos is established as the name of the crown placed upon the head of every Heir. The Crown of Chaos began with 200 jewels, and every 12 hours a jewel is plucked from the Crown and given to the current Heir. The King Regent is tasked with tracking who is in possession of all 200 jewels in a pinned message in the channel #chaotic_commons.

V.3a) If the [strike]Prince-Bishop[/strike] is elected, the jewel is instead given to the College of Cardinals.

V.4) Jewels may be traded between all members of the [strike]Order[/strike], as long as the King Regent acknowledges the trade.

V.5) Members of the [strike]Order[/strike] may accrue as many jewels as they want, and they are under no obligation to trade them. They may trade them to the King Regent in exchange for a request that he may approve or deny. It is retroactively declared that every time the Heir made a Section 6 request, they spent a jewel in this way. No jewels are forfeited if the King Regent rejects the request. The more jewels that are offered to the King Regent, the more likely he is to accept a significant request.

V.5a) The [strike]College of Cardinals[/strike] may sacrifice jewels to the [strike]Chaos Gods[/strike] in order to enact Miracles, as performed by the grace of the King Regent. They are unable to trade jewels with anyone, as they are not members of the [strike]Order[/strike]. It is retroactively declared that every time they had made a request, they had sacrificed a jewel and performed a Miracle.