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The North Pacific's Card Symposium: Scavenger Hunt

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Cards Scavenger Hunt?

In real-life, there are tons of artwork collectors who search and/or scavenge for only the best of artworks to adorn their houses! That's why the hosts of the 2021 Cards Symposium will be hosting an official Cards Scavenger Hunt in order to get users to search for certain cards (artworks)!

And of course, successful participants in this event will be generously rewarded. For additional details, please see the following rules below:

What are the rules for the contest?

  • 1. When does the event start and end? - The competition will officially begin on Sunday - 2/21/2021 at 12:00 A.M. CST/1:00 A.M. ET/6:00 A.M. UTC. It will end on Sunday - 2/28/2021 at 12:00 P.M. CST/1:00 P.M. ET/6:00 P.M. UTC.

    • Any submission made before or after the event duration will not be eligible for winning.

  • 2. How does the Cards Scavenger Hunt work? - For the duration of the event, players will be asked to locate certain cards after being given a batch of clues by the event host. A set containing a certain number of cards (the number can even be 1) will be asked to be located at a time, and a limited time period will be given to locate said card(s) before another card set (with its own set time period) will be asked to be found. The difficulty of the event increases upon subsequent cards being asked to be located.

    • Once the time allotted to locate a card set has ended, no further submissions are to be made for that set. They will not be counted. Submissions can be made for currently ongoing sets, however.

  • 3. What are the rules regarding locating cards? - The full list of permitted (and forbidden) actions regarding locating cards can be found here:

    • To participate, only use an arrangement of newly-created nations to locate your cards. In other words, you must create 1-10 new nations in order to participate in the event. Not doing so will prevent you from winning.

    • No outside interference in order to win. You are only allowed to locate cards in the Scavenger Hunt by using your newly-created nations themselves. As a result: gifting, selling cards, or sending/transferring bank to your newly-created nations using nations that you own but are outside of the ones listed for the event will count against you; only generate bank or obtain cards using the nations you are using to participate in the event.

  • 4. How do I sign up and/or submit my findings? - To sign up, please post in this forum thread and list the set of newly-created nations you intend to use. To submit your findings (i.e. any card you own on one of your newly-created nations that you believe is a targeted Scavenger Hunt card), please make a post in the same thread linked above.

    • Any signups and/or submissions made outside of the thread linked above will not be included in the event.

  • 5. How will the winner be decided? - Whoever manages to find the most correct cards during the Scavenger Hunt will be declared the winner! Hosts of the event will immediately begin counting the card submissions after the event duration ends, and the winner will be announced as soon as possible.

What do I get for winning?

Not only will you receive much-needed bragging rights + congratulations for winning this scavenger hunt, but you'll also be gifted a legendary Season 2 Drasnia card. This is an extremely hard-to-find card these days, so giving this contest a shot will offer you the chance to immediately boost your deck with something you might not get another chance to obtain for a while!

(In the case of a tie, then alternative legendary card gifts may be awarded to each winner.)

And with that being said, we hope you have fun! Searching for certain cards may prove to be a tricky process, but the satisfaction once having done so will make participating in this event much more worthwhile 🧡🔎