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The North Pacific's Card Symposium: Guest Speaker Schedule

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Guest speakers?

Yes, really! As part of the 2021 Cards Symposium, guest speakers outside of The North Pacific will be appearing throughout the event in order to give lectures about cards and/or answer any questions event participants may have regarding the lecturers' trading experiences!

This opportunity to really get to know these skilled users' personal experiences with cards doesn't come very often, so this will be highly beneficial if you wish to enhance your knowledge regarding the cards community!

Who will be speaking, and when will they appear?

To see the full schedule for every speaker that will appear, please view the following schedule:



When Speaker Will Appear

Lecture Transcript

Mikeswill is an extremely skilled cards trader who currently ranks within the top 3 in the deck leaderboard! They have delved into cards ever since its very introduction and continue to improve their deck all throughout these years!

Lecture Format: Q&A regarding personal experiences in cards + suggestions on how to delve into trading.

February 21 - February 24


Witchcraft and Sorcery is an incredibly active player who has already risen to the top 20 in deck value! Highly active user who frequently commentates on cards whenever (and wherever) possible, they serve as a great example of a user who has managed to rapidly progress to become what they are today!

Lecture Format: Brief lecture regarding their journey from being a new trader to what they are today, followed by Q&A for duration of their appearance.

February 23


The Salaxalans is a user whose potato obsession has grown so high that they've even made an entire card collection out of the starchy food! A long-time admin of one of the most-used card venues in the community, The Salaxalans has proven to be an incredibly fun-loving and wacky user who everyone will be delighted to get to see at the event!

Lecture Format: Lecture topic henceforth titled as "Potatoes and Branding" - semi cards-related.

February 24


Farrakhan is a player who once managed to Linksurpass the legendary Koem Kab in deck value, and who continues to hold a top ranking in the cards leaderboard! One of the very few to have accomplished this, so their trading methods have been given wide consideration by the traderbase!

Lecture Format: Lecture topic focusing on highly specialized analyzation, navigation, and management tactics in the cards market.

February 25 (not in-person; transcript will instead be posted)


The Atlae Isles is a famous player who has managed to achieve a spot in the top 20 in deck value! But that's just the beginning, as they are also a key figure within the LinkTEAPOT cards organization! Their constant work for the cards community has been appreciated by a wide range of players, so they are sure to be seen as a valuable source of cards-based information at the Symposium.

Lecture Format: Lecture topic relating to the unique development of the LinkTEAPOT organization; possible brief Q&A to follow.

February 26


Want to gain a wider knowledge regarding cards? Then make sure to tune in to the speakers listed above! Their lectures definitely will benefit you if you participate 🃏