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ConchVision, CK 5 year anniversary edition!


Conch Kingdom 5 year anniversary edition!

Hello everyone and Welcome to ConchVision!
For those who do not already know the concept is quite simple: you submit a song, and you vote and decide of the best submitted song.

To participate you will need to submit one song of your choice to Socialist Platypus by Telegram, on the RMB or via DM on discord (Tom Regor#7764).
You can submit songs between the 16th of february to the 20th of February. It can be any genre of song.

Depending on the number of participants you will either be put in groups, or have a straightfoward vote.

The voting will happen on the 21st and 22nd of February. To vote, you will need to send me a ranking of participant from best to worst (except yours). The competition results will be released on the 23rd. If you submit a song but do not vote you will be disqualified.

The voting groups have been made in this dispatch.

For those who might be interested Linkhere is a playlist of every songs submitted.