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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 8

The Gardener's Gazette

Welcome to the eighth edition of the The Gardener's Gazette! This monthly newspaper has the purpose of keeping both gardeners and guests informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society. 

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

It is time for the monthly insight into the Gardens. Since we report on the month before the one our edition is actually published in, we'll be talking about the first month of 2021. January was an active, month in the Gardens' Discord server, and here you can read about it in a few paragraphs!

Of course, January started with wishes for a happy new year by many Gardeners. Three days later, the first significant cards event of the year happened: a giveaway of over 280 thousand deck value by Noahs Second Country (Noah). Gardeners and farmers from elsewhere then requested cards that they would like to collect, or simply valuable ones. There was also priority for cards organizations, so the Gardens were rewarded with 22 nice legendaries chosen by admin The Unified Missourtama States (TUMS). Cards were then gifted to all participants after the deadline ended on 26th January, though organizations received them earlier.

Besides this grand giveaway, other interesting happenings took place. A funny but noteworthy event was when TUMS gave Noah the "Administrator" Discord role and removed it from themselves, despite still holding power because of the Server Owner role. Another interesting discussion took place about the name "Cardens" as alternative for the Card Gardens, though this was later rejected by TUMS. Unfortunately, despite TUMS' warning, Noah kept using the term and then the universe was disintegrated near the end of the month.

Events in the auction market were frequently discussed. An example is card inflation — a market tactic used by Gardeners such as Giovanniland, Infinitecimal and Svenskskit — which saw many members debate whether to inflate or deflate cards. The comeback of Leto II Atreides to the market was also commented, in which many members speculated about the true identity of Leto. Funnily enough, Leto gifted a S_Diego card to EpLeHo, worth over 200 market value at the time due to Leto's inflation.

Some activity happened in the Toolshed and the Garden Displays channels like previous months — especially the latter, because some new members joined and asked for help with scripts. The Farmers' Market continued active, and there were even some comments on interesting inflations and deflations; while the Compost Pile also gathered a significant amount of messages but most were bot commands and answers.

Finally, as I mentioned before, there was a nice amount of new Gardeners this month! Welcome to Elegarth, Luna AmoreWitchcraft and SorceryIndussePorfloxEconomichungerPanagouge, and Wymondham. Furthermore, welcome back to VaraniusBarrow Cove and Terra Potestatem!

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

The month of January saw a major change in giveaways. Due to an increasing number of donations by many generous Gardeners, there are now two weekly Legendary giveaways! The days of the week in which they took place also changed — instead of Thursday and Friday, one Legendary giveaway happens Monday and the other Legendary & Epic ones happen Friday. 

The change also means that the average number of giveaways per month is now around 15, though less cards were awarded in January because the change was enacted mid-month. In the table below you can see the lucky winners for this month, specifically 9 winners for 10 giveaways.


Number of Wins





The Atlae Isles


The Cosmic Mainframe






The Holy Principality of Saint Mark




Terra Potestatem


Monthly Contest Update & Future Plans
by Giovanniland

In the last Gazette edition, a Card Poetry Contest had been announced, with the goal of seeing how the Gardeners could convey the feeling of cards within the lines of a poem. The contest would have ended in early February, but there were no submissions until the original deadline ended. However, we at the Admin team still want to see everyone's writing creativity, so we are extending it until 23:59 EST of February 28th as announced a few days ago. The rules of the contest are spoilered below, in the case anyone has forgotten them:

1. Only one entry per Gardener is allowed;
2. Participants must submit their entry to Giovanniland by Discord DM or NationStates telegram until 23:59 EST of February 5th 28th, 2021;
3. Submissions will be judged by the Sub-Administrative Committee. The winner will receive a Legendary card, and additional rewards may be sent out depending on the number of entrants; 
4. Entries must:

  • be written in formal and proper English;

  • be related to NationStates Trading Cards;

  • follow NationStates & Discord rules;

  • have at least 3 lines and at most 30 lines (including stanza breaks), with no more than 100 characters (including spaces) per line;

5. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, resulting in punishment within the Society if found out;

Another comment I'd like to make is about the Season 3 Quiz originally given as a challenge to Gardeners back in November 2020. Unfortunately, no Season 3 has come yet, but the answers are still being kept until it is released, in order to decide the winner. It's worth noting that contest has technically not closed since Season 3 hasn't come, so you can still send your answers to one of the Admins — check the November issue of the Gazette (edition 5) for the event rules.

Finally, I want to comment about what's coming in the future of the Gardens. Starting next month, all Gazette editions will have one or more columns where any member can express their opinions about a relevant cards-related theme! Gardeners can apply to join as a writer and explain what they would like to write about. Furthermore, the April edition will feature special articles due to the Gardens' one-year birthday coming in two months, including the Community Contributor Awards given every 6 months. Stay tuned for more announcements!

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing the articles!