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An OOC Explanation of the UHA

The Universal Hegemony of the Atlantic
History Has Ended

The Universal Hegemony of the Atlantic is set in an ideologically divided world. There are five prevailing international alliances that have partitioned the world among themselves: the International Alliance for Freedom (liberal democracy, capitalism), the Eurasian Axis (fascism, ultranationalism), the Socialist International (communism, marxism-leninism), the African Union (libertarian socialism, anti-imperialism), and the Alliance of Asian States (autocracy, anti-imperialism). LinkA map of the world can be found here. Each alliance has its own leading power; Germany leads the Axis, the USSR leads the Socialist International, the Japanese Empire leads the AAS, and the Congolese Federation leads the African Union. The UHA is the undisputed giant of the International Alliance for Freedom, the defender of liberal democracy, free enterprise, and human rights. To the UHA, History has ended and liberalism must be defended from the evils of totalitarianism and other regressive politics.

It is a federal union of forty-two states across North & Central America, South Africa, and the North Atlantic. It is a a successor to the Pan-American Union, which comprised our timeline's North and Central America, excluding Canada & Newfoundland. Following the outbreak of the European War and the fall of France and Poland in 1936, the United Kingdom, the Irish Free State, Canada, Newfoundland, and Iceland joined to form the Atlantic Union. The war between the Atlantic Union and the Axis ended in 1939 in a stalemate, with Axis forces repelled from Great Britain and the Americas, at the cost of the rest of Europe. Not a single democracy stood on the continent. The IFA was founded in 1943 with the accession of "Free Africa" - South Africa and Liberia - to the Union.

The IFA is the Atlantic Union's allies, mostly the few democracies they could save such as the Oceanian Union (Australia & New Zealand) and the Republic of Burma. The UHA's, and by extension the IFA's, objective was to spread liberal democracy by force. The primary doctrine of the UHA is Imperium Columbia, maintaining the dominance of liberal democracy and market economics across all of the Americas. Due to the global situation, ideas such as non-interventionism, isolationism, and pacifism are irrelevant in the UHA. They are held onto by communists and fascists alone, and the political class is entirely made up of social democrats, liberals, and conservatives who all favour democracy, capitalism, and interventionism. While a foreign policy similar to Wilsonian Idealism dominated the first decade of the UHA, neoconservatism has been preeminent ever since.

A TLDR? A supranational federation set in the year 1976 that employs a neoconservative foreign policy to make the End of History a reality in a world where communism and fascism were not defeated.

Important Note! This is simply for understanding factbooks and having a general understanding of the UHA. For roleplay purposes, much of the canon world can be disregarded.

Some Fun Stuff

UHA's (somewhat canonical) Future Compass | Click to Enlarge!
I'll expand on each of these points later, perhaps. Just know that you would not want to experience the American Purge!

Political Compass of Our Presidents

Political Compass of Congressional Parties