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by The ပျော်ရွှင်စရာ ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z. . 448 reads.

Valentine Z celebrates Valentine's Day, and Valentine's Birthday! ♥️

Hello to you again, my friends! How are you all doing? It's been a hectic 2020, wasn't it? And now that 2021 is already starting off with a coup in my home country, there are quite a lot of interesting and not too nice surprises we are having so far. COVID still happening, things need a bit of stabilization, here and there.

I would just like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day / Friendship Day, nonetheless! I know not a lot of people like it due to its rampant commercialism, but I'm not here to justify that, of course! In its purest form, about what Valentine's Day is supposed to be about.

All about love!

If you already have a significant other, have a date to spend with, or married, I am very happy for you, of course! Love knows no boundaries, and two person's love is something that is very important. It does not also mean that you have to only love specifically on 14th of Feb while ignoring the other days. Ahh, today's just a little special, of course. Valentine's Day, to me, serves as a reminder that there are other 364 days for you to make it lovely, loving it all year!

If you are single, hey that's okay too! I am not the one to judge. Different people have different needs and preferences, and it's okay if you are staying single. (I am too!) If you're finding love somewhere out there, I wish you all the luck! If not, I wish you all the best with life ahead of you as well.

Perhaps that is the most important thing that I wanted to talk about - love and solace. Valentine's Day, once again, is not the only day where you need to show extra love with all the commercialisation. Instead, you can spread that love and likeness to the others around you in the best ways possible - a soft smile, a warm hospitality, a simple message of friendship and appreciation. People always look for big solaces, and that's okay, but we must also remember that there are little solaces all around us and they are especially the ones that bring us together.

And thus, with me celebrating my 26th Birthday, I would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and a Friendship Day for what it is, and I do wish for a more peaceful world. Even amidst all the things happening around us, we can all be a little optimistic, and that is okay. In an ever changing world, love and solace remain strong as ever if we just know where to look.

Please do stay strong, and I wish you luck with whatever comes ahead this year. We may never know, but it's okay to be hopeful and look forward in life.