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gov.thl/overview [WIP]

An official website of the Thaltopia government
Language: English
T h e⠀H o l y⠀P e o p l e ' s⠀R e p u b l i c⠀o f⠀Т х а л т о п и а

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B o g,⠀Z e m l j a,⠀I n d u s t r i j a

The Holy People's Republic of

Population | 21,324,253
Capital | Thaltovgrad
Official Languages | Serbian, English
Demonym | Thalian
Government | Theocratic Monarchy
Establishment | 09 August, 1951
Currency | Emperian Credits ()
GDP | 565 Billion
GDP Per Capita | 26,495
Drives on the | Right
Calling Code | +385
Internet TLD | .th