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Office of Operations: Official Dispatch


Overview and Responsibilities

The Office of Operations, currently overseen by Indimu is tasked with the job of keeping the regional safety, and of heading any gameside operations the region participates in. They are the soldier that keeps the darkness away, armed with the mighty banhammer, the mysterious power that helps maintain the light of Refugia. They are the general in the great battles of N-day, Z-day, and any other great battles we fight. They are the one who maintains peace, love, and regional sovereignty for all of Refugia.

The most important thing the Ops Councillor does is keep the region safe from spammers, meanieheads, troublemakers, or anyone else who might pose a threat to the quiet tranquility of Refugia. This also includes moderating the RMB to keep it civil and safe for all who come here. Often the kind nature of Refugia has helped us attract less negative attention, but when we do get that attention, itís the job of the Ops Councillor to deal with the matter so the rest of the region can carry on their normal lives.

Part of this duty is evaluating who is and isn't a threat to the region and deciding when an eject or a ban is necessary. While Discord removal is done by the Arch-Admin and owner of the server, gameside banjects are left up to the discretion of the Ops Councillor to decide when they are necessary. An explanation should also be easily providable in case of a dispute over a ban.

For those in need of the particular help of the Ops Councillor, please contact Indimu or DM them on Discord at Aramantha#4290. The DM will usually be a quicker solution if the situation is urgent.

The Ops Councillor also has the power to create and command a Refugian military if they see fit. Refugia is a peacefully independent state and has been since its creation, however if a councillor sees fit, they may order the creation of a military, raider or defender, for Refugia. My personal recommendation is and will probably always be that Refugia does not need a military. R/D gameplay can often be a very uncomfortable place for many players, especially in a region that is frequented by both raiders and defenders, and I believe the creation of a military would be a source of friction and discomfort for many Refugi. It also serves to note that as a region with an active founder, a military for regional security would be rather unnecessary. Nevertheless, this is a right each Ops Councillor holds if they wish to use it.

Overseeing of defense in case of an unruly raid is another duty of the Ops Councillor. While this is less of an issue with an active founder, the ops councillor is still in charge of trying to stay ahead of any possible raids, and of making sure attempts at raids are swiftly taken care of. Essentially, if some people invade, ops councillor has to make sure they're all removed, even if the actual banning may end up being the job of the Arch-Administrator.

Regional Operations

The other major responsibility of the Ops Councillor is to lead the region during regional events/operations. There are a couple of yearly events explained below that are the duty of the Ops Councillor. Each term is built to fit one major event (N-day, Z-day, or April Fools) in it.

N-Day (Nuke Day)

N-day is a yearly event held on September 26th where factions form to nuke each other. The event lasts 24 hours but the preparation often lasts a whole lot longer than that. And as commander, an Ops Councillor has to help coordinate with a faction (decide who we wish to side with), assist others throughout Refugia and the rest of the faction, and fight on their own throughout the event. It is admittedly a stressful job, although N-day in general has been known to be very stress-filled.

Z-day (Zombie Day)

Z-day is the second major NationStates event, taking place around Oct 31st each year. Z-day is based on a zombie apocalypse where you get to choose between joining, killing, or curing all the zombies. It's a bit more of a regional event as many regions will close their borders from outside troublemakers for the day and attempt to convert all of their region to one of those 3 victories. As commander of this event, responsibilities include choosing which path to follow and coordinating the region to achieve that victory.

Other Events

While N-day and Z-day are the only reliable events that happen every year, NationStates sometimes just has events when Max Barry decides to do them. For instance, there is almost always some kind of event on April Fools, sometimes it's trivia, sometimes it's a spoof SecGen election, one year it was the announcement of cards, etc. When those opportunities arise, they often become the charge of the Ops Councillor

Former and Current Ops Councillors

April 2019 - August 2019

November 2019 - January 2020

Refuge Isle
May 2020 - September 2020

October 2020 - January 2021

February 2021 - Present