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scientificum loses it

We truly do live in a society.

I usually don't have much strong opinions on anything, mostly because I consider my opinion as having virtually zero importance to everyone. But if there's one thing I'm more than proud to have strong feelings towards, it's the fact that LinkNeedle from Battle for Dream Island is by far the most underrepresented and underappreciated character in object show history. In virtually almost every single opportunity, her chance for character development and an actual story has been constantly robbed from her, relegating her to be a mere side character known for only a single running joke, as well as a 'meme' that completely and utterly mocks her character. She was part of the original cast of BFDI, and yet she has received far, far less character development in four seasons than newbies have gotten in a single episode.

Every day, I wake up knowing that this oppression still lingers in todays society. I can barely look myself in the eye, or wander the communities I frequent in, without being reminded that Needle is out there, being pushed to the sidelines despite having the greatest potential out of any character in the series. The fact that such a character has been in the show for so long (an astounding 10 years!) and still hasn't received the love she deserves is absurd. This is bullcrap.

I know that barely anyone shares my opinions. Heck, I know that virtually no one in NationStates would know of my plight, let alone of object shows. But I feel like this is the most appropriate place to vent my true feelings of something. This is the biggest issue that I have a genuine stance on. To heck with politics, to heck with scandals. This is, by far, truly the greatest crime the people of this sinful Earth have committed.

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