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Presidential Campaign


I am Npc West Florida, the Minister of Justice and Security of the Republic of Conservative Nations. I am going to run for the position of President in the upcoming elections.

I am going to explain in detail, my platform for this election.

My Platform

Currently the RCN is in a bad place. The second president in 3 months has fled the region in disgrace. I want to fix that. I want the RCN to be a strong and united region. I don't want the region to collapse every few months.


What is my opinion on military?
I believe that the RCN should firmly equip and embrace the Army of Freedom, and raid fascist and communist regions at all possible times.

What do you stand for?
Abrahamic Religions, Roleplaying, raiding, strong militaries, Bashing Fash, Fighting commies, Defending Conservatives, Freedom, Cake, The Anti Anime Association, and spreading conservative values throughout Nationstates.

What are you against?
Communism, fascism, the EU, the World Assembly, people who think cake should be banned, anime, and China.

Why would we elect an anti WA president, when the president serves as WA delegate?
The region does not need any more people in power who support the WA, which is dominated and controlled by communists and socialists.

What Iíll do

  • Establish a RCN university

  • Make Anime Illegal

  • Establish a Anti Anime Association

  • Move the Roleplay to a environment friendlier then the NS forums

  • Reform the Army of Freedom

  • Grow the region

  • Get more WA members by targeting recruiting efforts at WA members

Make sure to visit my website Linkhere