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Baaas for MoIA March 2021

I'm running for MoIA this time! Let's fight for change, together!

Who are you?

My NationStates nation is Baaas, and I'm the current Editor-in-Chief of the Layem Times, Confederacy of Layem Speaker of the Assembly, and a member of the Council of Events. I've run for government office twice before, the first time dropping out and the second time winning. I've been in Layem and on NationStates for almost a year. This means I have experience in creating events, which the Minister of Interior Affairs plays a major role in, transmitting information to the people of Layem, which is crucial for a government official, and actually being in the government.

What makes me qualified for MoIA? Well, let's first take a look at what the MoIA does (this is a limited list:)
1. Moderates the official roleplay
2. Moderates the RMB (via the Articles of the Confederacy)
3. Moderates and administers the Discord (via the Articles of the Confederacy)
4. Heads the Councils of Events and Gaming

Firstly, let's look at the first one. I am a roleplayer and have even been called a good rper by Minister of Foreign Affairs The grand sultanate of Krm (thank you!) As per the second point, I am not the most active RMBer, but I'm quite active there and check the RMB every day. As per the third point, I am very active on the Discord. That's where I do most of my talking and communicating with constituents and fellow government officials. As per the fourth point, I am a member of the Council of Events and have created many events, and am good friends with Hua and Elvato of the Council of Gaming.

Now, let's take a look at my major achievements in advancing the region forward:

1. Creating and heading events such as the Discord logo contest, flag contest, and most recently, the meme competition. Most of the other Layem events I've worked on with the Council of Events team.
2. Writing and passing 2 bills: the Duties of the Office of Regional Officer Establishment Act and the act to Repeal the Citizens Alliance of Democracy Travel Ban.
3. Heading the Layem Times for 7 months. The Layem Times is a crucial source of information about the happenings of our region for Layem citizens and people in other regions too.
4. Helping defeat Red Criber by being on the task force put together by the LDC and CM Phillippeland and transmitting information to the Layemese people about the attack and how to stay safe when he attacked for a second time.
5. Sending updates from our region to embassies, strengthening relations with foreign regions.

What Will You Do If Elected?

Here are my plans:

1. More events! I'll continue to be very involved in the Council of Events and will advance activity in our region through events. Here are my ideas for events:
- Worldbuilding competition: We could have a long competition in which participants build their own world (hence the name) with different countries, cultures, etc...
- Second Flag Competition: The last flag competition we did was a while ago. In that competition, participants had to make flags using the information provided by the Council of Events. The second time, though, we could have a freer flag competition than last time. We could let people create their own flags and attach some information about the country their flag is for.

2. Laws. I'll write up bills and try to get them passed by the Regional Assembly. Of course, I would have the other members of the government peer-review the bills before I present them to the RA. Here are my ideas for future laws:
- A law to set out a specific procedure in case of a regional emergency that threatens regional security. The constitution already touches on this subject, but I would expand upon that. While the constitution only sets aside who can be involved in dealing with a regional emergency, this law would set out a procedure, so we can be more prepared in case our regional security is in jeopardy.
- A law to set up a procedure in case of a nation in a government position CTEing or resigning.
- A law to let the Layemese people have free access to most information. This bill would include an act that guarantees the Layemese people access to information crucial to decisions made by the government that doesn't threaten regional security if published and more.
- A Vice Chief Minister (VCM.) The VCM, appointed by the Chief Minister, would fill in if the CM needs to go offline for a bit. The Vice Chief Minister would not take over if the Chief Minister CTEs, resigns, or is removed from office.
- An electoral commission. The Layem Electoral Commission would create ballots, publish the results, get out the vote by encouraging people to vote and providing information about the election to the Layemese people, create an archive of all past administrations, and vet candidates and political parties to see if theyíre fit to run for office. The LEC would be a bipartisan group of people appointed by unanimous votes among the government.

3. Roleplay:
I would look over as many RP posts as I can, especially from new RPers, in order to give advice to people who don't have everything quite figured out. This would help improve the overall quality of the roleplay.
- I vow to help, to the best of my ability, in the process of transitioning between RPs and in the mods' plans.
- Minister of Interior Affairs Elvato recently established a Minister of Roleplay (not a member of the Regional Ministry.) I would continue that office under my term and vet potential candidates for the office extensively by looking at their past roleplay and RP moderation.
- Continuing the RP handbook, and updating it. The RP handbook has proved to be a great place to find basic information about the Layem RP and how to roleplay. It sure helped me when I was starting out. An updated RP handbook would make the experience for new roleplayers much easier and smoother.

4. Communicate with the Layemese people. I would communicate information about the happenings of the Layemese government and Regional Ministry in various possible ways:
- Press conferences. Press conferences can be voice channel chats where I and a possibly few other government officials talk about the administrationís upcoming plans and answer questions from anyone who would like to attend.
*You would not need to be press to attend the conferences, but people with press passes get front row seats.
- Layem Times. The Layem Times is where the people of Layem get their information twice a month. I could have a monthly column there on what is happening in the Layem government. I could even collaborate with other members of the government for this.
- RMB/Discord. The RMB and Discord are 2 chat rooms most people in Layem use to communicate with each other. I could use them to communicate directly to constituents through a periodical update.
- Embassies: I could help the Minister of Foreign Affairs with embassy updates as well! Each update would have some news from Layem and a link to the most recent Layem Times.

5. Advisors. Of course, like any other candidate for MoIA, I don't have maximum expertise in everything a MoIA governs over. That's where advisors come in! Advisors would be members of my cabinet, possibly even more formal cabinet positions, who advise me on topics I'm not an expert on, like, for example, the RMB RP. Here are some cabinet/advisor positions that would be filled during my administration:
- Minister of Roleplay
- Forum/RMB Roleplay Advisor
- World Assembly Advisor

Iím still thinking of ideas! If you have one for me, please feel free to telegram me or DM me on Discord.