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MoFA Campaign Dispatch #1

Good day, my fellow Layemese friends. I come before you today asking for your vote in the Layemese elections as the MoFA. Iím definitely a choice worth considering, here's why.

A vote for me is a vote to end the diplomatic problems of Layem, and a return to prosperity. Itís something I promise to do if Iím elected. I will once again make Layem the region it once was, and work to bring us out of this shadow.

I know how immature and unprofessional I normally am in the Discord, but I promise you that my term as the MoFA will be serious. If elected, diplomatic updates for Layem every month most likely in the Layem Times to inform a each and every nation in Layem of ongoing affairs. I will end all this pointless nonsense for Layem. Everyone will have a new, positive impression of Layem once my term ends.

So, what are my plans?
I know that this job will be difficult has many regions dislike Layem for unspecified reasons, but I assure you that I will undo all of the scars left by the past. My goal is to establish embassies with at least 4 major regions by the end of my term.

Vote Hua for a stronger Layem! Vote Hua for a brighter future!