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Au Revoir NS!

So yeah...I'm leaving NS again. This time I hope for it to be final, although past times doing this I've come back anyway.

Why? Simply put: it's taking up too much of my time now. This is a massive(ish) site with a lot going on. I don't find myself taking much interest anymore - not even in NSG where I usually dwell. Now I just find myself lurking most of the time, to no benefit. I wish to do more off-screen, and I feel leaving NS could cut that down.

That being said, I've enjoyed it here - I really have. A huge community that I've learnt a lot from. So here are some people I'll be thanking, both past and present, for various reasons:

Territorio di Nessuno - mainly for providing a welcome to this site, TNP in particular. Keep up the good work!

Aerilia and Zazumo - for all the laughs, still can't decide between the two lol

Deerfenland - some interesting conversations, I recall

Any the SR cartographers - I don't really know who's running the map now, but that kept me interested in my early days here

Valentine Z - Still running F7? Can't really remember now. Definitely contributed to this place very well though.

Cordel One - Again, some great conversations whether on politics or music.

Brocklandia - Damn I wonder how hard running that bar is. Err...I'd like a *insert unspecified drink here*

Hurdergaryp, Dumb Ideologies, Kowani - Not really a 'thank' per se, but some of the sharpest wit I've seen on this site. Made some great laughs!

Any of the mods - I can't fathom how tough running this site must be, so keep up the good work in all that!

I've probably missed some out, so...thanks if I haven't mentioned you and meant to!

That's it, really. I've enjoyed this place, but time has come for me to move on. So thanks! :)