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Inauguration of the Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions

Declaration of Formation: Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions

In recognition of the existing Philippine community in NationStates, the following regions and institutions have the agreement and mutual understanding to unite their energies in nurturing and promoting the Filipino agenda for the betterment and well-being of our member nations:

Philippines - founded 2003
The Philippines - founded 2013
The Socialist States of the Philippines - founded 2015
Republic of the Philippines - founded 2017
Philippines polomolok treatise - founded 2017
Manila - founded 2017
Philippines for Jesus Movement - founded 2021

The Remiferian Armed Forces* - founded 2020

Philippine Defense Force (PDF) - formed 2020
Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Nations (PEFToN) - formed 2021

In consideration of this formal declaration of affiliation as the Philippine Council of Affiliated Regions and Institutions (PCARI), the aforementioned regions and institutions have resolved the following:

1. The lead shall be the regional government of the Philippines, as being the largest and the historical pioneer of creating a platform for the community in NationStates, whereas collective actions using the Filipino theme must be brought to the council, subject to the lead's approval.

2. Regional and institutional autonomy shall remain to be respected. Thus, unilateral and unwarranted actions that may affect the image and reputation of the Philippine community in NationStates shall entail the exclusion of the rest of the council members from responsibility.

3. Notwithstanding the event that such individual actions shall not mean the general will of council members, the council may act decisively to prevent and resolve similar incidents in the future.

4. Prospective members shall have to undergo council lead approval within a reasonable amount of time. Membership shall mean having a conference with mutual council members towards further cooperation and coordination for solidarity, sustainability, and anticipatory governance without prejudice to regional and institutional sovereignty.

5. This council declaration may be revised or revoked as seen necessary by prevailing circumstances.

Signed and ratified on this day
February 8, 2021
In the witness of 140 member nations

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at ang mga Pilipino!

Note: Regions and institutions in asterisk (*) are later entrants to the council, signing the declaration later than the aforementioned date of inauguration.

The Shakugan of Ariusgrad