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TCB Regional Development Program - Goal #1: Average Income of Poor!

Regional Development Program
February Regional Target

Average Income of Poor


The Regional Development Corps has ascertained a key area for regional improvement! So long as the lives of the working class are spent in poverty and destitution, than our revolution cannot succeed!
As such, this month's target is Average Income of Poor. Whilst our region remains in the top 10% of all regions for Average Income of Poor, it would be fantastic by March if our region were in the Top 5%!

The RDC has also put together some advice for nations to get the most out of their statistics! We strongly recommend using the results tool linked above to help guide your growth! A reminder that you can read the guide for using the Issue Tool here.

Average Income of Poor can be increased by boosting economic efficiency, while keeping a handle on economic freedom. Lower income nations should generally aim to improve their overall efficiency but reject any obvious anti-poor measures. Higher income nations have to be a little more careful, and only approve economic improvements that overwhelmingly benefit the working class!


The RDP seeks to reward nations for increasing their statistics in two different categories, overall total gain and overall percentage gain. The top 20 nations with the highest scores in both, will be honoured in a dispatch for all time. The RDP has measured the entire region's statistics from the time this dispatch is published, and will measure again on the 7th of March to determine our gains!

The top 5 nations in each category will go into a draw for a Legendary Card from our Card Factory!

These rewards may be increased if the Card Factory's capacity expands sufficiently.