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The Big Sky Republic

Ahhh, Big Sky! You probably know it as Montana, because indeed! Big Sky is made up of Montanans. And both names are quite accurate. Montana is Montaņa, or mountainous. Have you seen the peaks there? They're massive, larger than anything we have down here. But as well, Big Sky is accurate as there is nothing but open plains, forests, and valleys for miles and miles - all under the same blue sky. Ah, but it isn't just entirely nature - for there are men living in between the mountains, and let me tell you, they are angry. Though, one could guess that would be the natural result of trying to tame a nation filled with cowboys, pioneers, blood-thirsty Libertarians, and the occasional middle-class soccer-mom-turned-sergeant.

Big Sky is practically every libertarian's wet dream. A small organization of communities that run under a system that allows neither state nor corporation to grow too big or powerful. Not to mention guns, Muchas, muchas armas. Of the 546,905 crazed rednecks that live in the nation, about 3/4ths of them own a firearm of some kind. While the good majority are just papa with a revolver or a hunter with an old passed-down rifle, the American spirit is still strong. Though don't tell them that they are American. They've long since abandoned the idea of a 'United States' and the last time I told a Big Skyer that he was 'American', I got a long instant message about how mi amigos don't want to be associated with Los Angeles, New Orleans, or those 'Goddamn Yankees' in New York City. A contentious people to be sure, but at least their heart's in the right place, no?

The following are so-called 'factbooks' about the nation. There will be no commentary from me beyond this point.