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Hi! Welcome to our little site.

If you're reading this, you're not a URoE government official - trust me - we'd know. So we welcome you to learn about the revolution.

You must be wondering who we are, yes? If so, then I welcome you to the Alliance of Self-Defensive Territories official website! Who are we then? We are a small and unofficial alliance of 4 proud freedom fighters fighting against the United Republics of Earth. Specifically, we are the Montanan Big Sky Republic, the Darien People's nation - Run by yours truly! -, The African Great Lakes Federation of Sukuma, and the Nizwa Gulf State respectively. While our revolutions may not be the largest in terms of population or area, our spirits are unbreakable, our peoples unconquerable, our lands untouched by enemy hands. Hell, I am pretty sure that the Big Sky Republic has survived since the 1980s. I don't know, I didn't do well in school.

If you're tired of me talking, screw you. I kid, amigos. But don't worry anyways, my commentary is limited. I will only introduce you to our strange world and the nations within it before letting the professionals take over. And don't worry! The professionals will be as unbiased and impartial as possible. We're not going to brainwash you into thinking what we want to believe. That's the United Republic's job! Speaking of which, because I am pretty sure just mentioning the United Republics puts us on some kind of watchlist, the link to the URoE redirects to their website. Don't worry, their factbooks were made by the same guy who made ours.

Here's a list of directories to nations within the ASDT, the ASDT itself, and the United Republic's directory as well. Sorry if the flags are a bit glitchy, the internet here in Panama isn't too great. Alternatively, click here for a brief summary of all the nations... I don't know where it came from, but it's on this site.

Yes, it is AST.hid, someone snitched and took down ASDT.hid, jackasses.

Big Sky Republic

Darien People's Nation

Federation of Sukuma

Nizwa Gulf State

A. S. D. T

United Republics

Alliance of self-defensive territories