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by The Republic of Hiram Land. . 42 reads.

World Health Organisation Act, 2021

Short title: WHO Act, 2021

Esteemed members of the Parliament,

    Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has shown our lack of ability to co-operate in beating the virus in a quick and timely manner,

    Whereas the recent efforts of GLOCOVE has shown that this region may need a better system of vaccine coordination and virus destruction,

    Acknowledging those who have acted to save many from the COVID-19 pandemic, in GLOCOVE member states and otherwise,

    Noticing various areas which the GLOCOVE organisation may be unable to ship vaccine supplies to, without fear of hindrance by enemy states,

    The Parliament hereby enacts the following:

      1. The World Health Organisation (abbreviated to WHO) shall be formed as an organ of the Regional Government, and like the IPO Act of 2021, shall have it's headquarters made in a Parliamentary vote

      2. The WHO shall be headed by a Health Commissioner, who shall have all necessary powers in order to maintain the worldwide health system.

        1. The Commissioner must receive nomination by a head of state or government of a United Forum of Nations member state, and be seconded by either a member of that member state's Parliament or a UFoN Representative.

        2. The Commissioner must hold the nationality of at least one member state.

        3. The Commissioner shall serve a term of 12 calendar months. The Commissioner is allowed to hold a maximum of 3 consecutive terms, which may be extended at the discretion of the Parliament in case of a major health emergency.

        4. The Commissioner must have previously been employed by a nationally accredited hospital or health service, and must have at least a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences or Physical Sciences, or a degree in relation to both.

        5. The Commissioner is subordinate to the organs of the Parliament, and is under the responsibility of the members of Parliament.

        6. The Commissioner may be removed by the Secretary-General, from the assent of the Parliament, for high crimes and other misdemeanours.

      3. The WHO shall have the duty of facilitating cooperation between member state healthcare agencies, in addition to national companies who have invested in healthcare.

      4. In pursuing the above goal, the WHO shall act as an intermediate organisation between national healthcare agencies.

      5. The WHO shall declare "public health notices", which orders that member states provide doctors and scientists in order to prepare the world for possible sicknesses. In addition, the WHO shall have the ability to declare a "public health emergency" and provide recommendations to member states as to provide help in case of an epidemic or pandemic, or other health and safety emergencies.

      6. The functioning Budget of WHO shall be set by the Parliament of the UFN, assented annually by a simple majority of representatives who believe the budget shall serve the WHO to complete its duties adequately, and approved by the Secretary-General. The WHO shall be placed in the general budget, and shall be involved in budget debates and discussions.

      7. Organs of the World Health Organisation shall include:

        1. Department of Disease Investigation, which shall serve to investigate diseases which may cause a potential threat to human life and normality in member states. The Department also has the responsibility to inform the Parliament and the Commissioner of the WHO on potential epidemics and pandemics

        2. Department of the Environment, which shall serve to investigate and inform the Parliament on matters which may impact the world climate and world environment, and the risks posed on human normality and health.

        3. Department of Health Co-Ordination, which shall serve to provide health resources donated by the goodwill of member states, in order to maintain quality of life, and which shall serve to take charge and deal with the co-ordination of supplies which may be detrimental to disease destruction, like masks, vaccines, and hand sanitizer.

        4. Department of Finances, which shall appropriate and manage the budget set by the UFN Parliament, which shall contribute to the continuation of the WHO's functions. Headed by a Treasurer, appointed by the Commissioner with approval from the Parliament.

        5. The above-listed Organs shall work in tandem, forming the World Health Organisation, headed by the Commissioner.

      8. All acts of this bill, unless struck down by Parliament, shall take effect when the bill passes in Parliament.


      Written in the UFoN Parliament in Calicambria by the Hiramian Embassy and approved by the Hiramian Parliament, on the Fifth day of the Second month of our lord the year the Second Millenium and the Twenty-first year

      Made with great reliance on the IPO Act, 2021 by Aressna. All credit goes to them in formatting and the making of the IPO Act.

The Republic of Hiram Land