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Definition of radical Islam

Radical Islam is the Muslim religious equivalent of white supremacy. It means Muslim entitlement and supremacy over non-Muslims and other Muslims belonging to the "wrong" sect such as Ahmadiyya or Ba'hai and profound intolerance, both violent or "non-violent", toward those with opposing or unorthodox views. Any version of Islam that is incompatible with democracy, human rights, due process, the rule of law, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of belief, and other liberal, Western values.

The idea (among explicit Islamists) that Islam is destined to conquer the world. Creeping Islamization and rising religious intolerance due to a combination of violent jihadism, "peaceful" Islamist proselytization, fundamentalist intolerance, and non-Muslim acquiescence.

Mistreatment and persecution of non-Muslims and "fake" Muslims by takfiri who have adopted the role of judge, jury, and executioner over all their peers.

The idea that non-Muslims are inferior dhimmi who are expected to acknowledge Muslim lordship over them or face all manner of persecution and discrimination for having the temerity to defy their masters.

The idea that sharia ought to be the absolute and inerrant law of the land. Even if sharia doesn't officially apply to non-Muslims, it often does so in practice, particularly in relation to the "crimes" of blasphemy and apostasy as explained below. This is true where I live.

The idea that anyone who is perceived to challenge the inherent supremacy of Islam or question some of its basic tenets is fair game for rioters, terrorists, and, in many cases, the state. This applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. "No compulsion in Islam" is an obvious lie. Non-Muslims are routinely singled out in all sorts of ways by Muslim state and non-state actors alike. In Malaysia, this means jail for "insulting Islam". In Europe, this means jail for "hate speech". In America, this means cancellation for "Islamophobia" and "anti-Muslim bigotry". I call this sharia by stealth or backdoor. It may be enforced by Muslims themselves or by woke, virtue-signaling, non-Muslim leftists eager not to offend, thereby aiding and abetting radical Islamists in sowing the seeds for the eventual demise of Western civilization and everything that the latter stands for.

The idea that Islam, the Qur'an, and the prophet Mohammed are absolutely beyond reproach and anyone who questions or repudiates certain aspects of the faith (i.e. "insults" Islam) is a blasphemer who deserves to be killed. The idea that the physical integrity of a book or the harmless depiction of a prophet is greater cause for rioting, looting, arson, vandalism, and outright acts of terror than a French high school teacher being brutally beheaded for depicting a prophet in a lesson about free speech. The idea that France is not entitled to its national sovereignty and that Emmanuel Macron and his peers ought to STFU, get down on their knees, and submit to Muslim rule. The idea that religious feelings trump human rights, particularly the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The idea that anyone who abandons Islam is an apostate who deserves to be killed.

The idea that Muslims should never be friends with non-Muslims. Governor Ahok challenged this idea. For this, he was crucified by the establishment. The idea that Christians and Jews are descended from apes and pigs.

The idea that women exist solely to pleasure men.

The idea that it is OK for middle-aged Muslim men to [forbidden NS topic self-redacted] in accordance with the hadiths.

The idea that LGBT people are subhuman scum who deserve to be "corrected" at best or eradicated at worst.

The idea that Israel has no right to exist and that Jews, deemed prophet-killers, are responsible for all that is wrong with the world today, carefully disguised as "anti-Zionism". The idea that the Holocaust never happened, but should've happened, and if these extremists ever get the chance, they'll make it happen. The idea that Adolf Hitler was a great leader surpassed only by Mohammed himself. This is one of the biggest reasons I stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel. Never Again.