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10KI Update - January 2021

10000 Islands Emissary Report

Date: January 2021
Population: 1,259
Delegate Endorsement: 428
Forum: Link
Discord: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Grea Kriopia, Kuriko, Wischland
~Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: HumanSanity
~Senior Senator for Himes West (RP): Wille-Harlia
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Wischland
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Aschente
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Dokansia
~Minister of Education: Grea Kriopia
~Minister of Labor: Free las pinas
~Minister of Immigration: Thedairos

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

January Elections

This January saw elections for the seats of Senator for Blue Canaria North and Senator for New Republica South take place.

Incumbent Wischland ran for reelection to her seat as Senator for Blue Canaria North. With no other candidates declaring their campaign, Wisch locked in another term as Senator.

Three Islanders declared their intent to run for Senator for New Republica South after incumbent Controlitia declined to run for a third term. Murphtannia, Dokansia, and Solarampa all announced their campaigns in short succession. Despite the competitive field, Dokansia managed to garner enough votes to win the election and become the Council of Nineís newest member.

Congratulations to Wischland and Dokansia, and commiserations to the other candidates. Thank you Controlitia for your service as Senior Senator.

New Government Appointments

~Secretary of State Margaux selected Murphtannia to be XKIís new emissary to Forest while Delegate HumanSanity hired Wischland to serve as XKIís emissary to Refugia.
~Senator for Blue Canaria North Wischland hired Margaux as her Deputy to assist her in writing the Monthly Emissary report.
~Chief Executive Markanite appointed Wille-Harlia to the position of LinkCommunications Officer to promote XKI events and maintain news and information dispatches.
~Senator for New Republica South Dokansia selected Flying Eagles to serve as his Deputy and assist in running regional polls and debates.

Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends

XKI joined forces with several other regions early in January to bring back everyoneís favorite Harry Potter-themed festival. Participants were sorted into houses and then cut lose to chat with one another, squee over their favorite characters, and practice their spellcasting with a plethora of fun bot commands. A variety of fun events, including an art and writing contest, a succession of movie nights, and a Yule Ball Roleplay, had everyone enjoying the festivities and making friends across regional boundaries.

Underneath the jovial atmosphere, however, a fierce competition to earn house points and win the House Cup raged! Hufflepuffs were the most chill about winning the House Cup, spending more time hug-piling and enjoying the festival than worrying about their point totals. Ravenclaw was more competitive, with members proving their knowledge during Harry Potter Trivia rounds and earning plenty of points for their house. Due to a lower number of participants in Gryffindor and Slytherin, the two housesí points were counted together. Slytherinís ambition and unmatched desire to win proved to be a powerful force, with members willing to grind away at .io games and The Owlery Project of Appreciation to boost their point totals. Combined with Gryffindorís courage in finding their own place in the festival, despite being the smallest house, made the two houses unstoppable, and allowed them to sail to victory and win the House Cup. Congratulations to the winning houses, and a big thanks to the festivalís organizers for such an enjoyable experience!

Around the Islands

~Dokansia was named LinkRookie of the Quarter. Dok is a rising star in the region, having served as Deputy WA Secretary, Deputy Minister of Education, and as an Emissary to several regions. He was also recently elected Senator for New Republica South and holds the title of Knight in TITO. Congratulations Dok for this well-deserved award, and best of luck in your future endeavors.
~The voting for XKIís prestigious LinkPaffnia Prize concluded in January. The Paffnia Prize is an annual award given to the nation to comes up with the best new, implemented idea for the region each year, as chosen by popular vote. The past year has been a time of incredible change and innovation for XKI, and an astounding 56 implemented ideas were nominated for the prize. After two rounds of voting, Islanders awarded HumanSanity and Grea Kriopia first place for the XKI Summer Olympics. Second place was awarded to Hakketomat for his LinkTacoVision Contests, with third place going to Paffnia himself for the LinkIslandís Space Program. Congratulations to the winners and a sincere thanks for all the work you do to improve the region!
~Speaking of TacoVision, Hakketomat announced the highly anticipated LinkTacoVision III. Once again, Islanders had the chance to submit their favorite songs in hopes of winning the votes of their fellow contestants and having their song be declared the hottest new beat. Contestants delivered scathing critiques of one anotherís songs in a Discord listening session, plotting and scheming to win favor for their own melody. When all the votes were tallied, Wischland placed first with her song choice LinkBury Me Low. A round of applause for Wisch and for Dokansia and Thedairos who placed 2nd and 3rd.
~Januaryís LinkFeatured Nation was Murphtannia, who has popped up in several different areas of the region, serving in TITO, as Emissary to Forest, and even running for office in Januaryís election. Congratulations Murph! Weíre excited to see where you go next.
~Senator for Lyonnesse East Aschente announced the LinkHouse Cup and Shield Competition would be taking place throughout the month of January. Recruiters in LinkXKIís Houses compete for the whole month to send as many recruitment telegrams to new nations and draw them to the region. LinkThe House Of Louisistan won both the House Cup, for most collective recruiting, and House Shield, for most recruiting per capita, with Margaux and Sulenia showing a particular devotion to recruiting. Grea Kriopia of LinkThe House of Improving Wordiness had the highest recruitment success rate of the month and was awarded the House Sceptre for her efforts! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all recruiters for their hard work.
~Towards the end of the month, Chief Executive Markanite announced a region-wide LinkForum Theme Competition. Islanders are invited to create and submit island-themed designs for the forum. With taco prizes and the chance to have their creation chosen as an official new theme for the XKI forum, several Islanders were eager to submit their designs. Weíre excited to see what other creative themes Islanders will come up with!

XKI Game-Side

A regional poll by Jabberwocky asked Islanders if they would be getting the COVID-19 Vaccine once it became available to them. Happily, most Islanders proved themselves to be health-conscious and responded that they would. Stay safe and stay strong!

Islanders showed their humor with plenty of silly quips in the RMB:

~ December 32nd, 2020
~ Rebels in XKI?
~ Iíll remember, probably.
~ Worthwhile Gambling. Whatís that?
~ 69Ö HahÖ Yeah, that meme is dead.
~You cannot defeat Tilapia
~ Not againÖ
~ Cats are a Liquid.
~ The answer is no.
~ Just one of the Fish around the Islands.

Meet A Nation Interview

For January, we turned our attention to the mystery man behind much of XKIís more technical aspects. We managed to draw Kortexia out from his lurking on the regional discord to ask him a few questions about his work as Technical Liaison.

Wischland: Youíve been in XKI for quite a while. What about the region made you choose to stay?

Kortexia: Honestly, it was the people I met here and the community. The friends I've made here are the only reason I've played this game so long.

Wisch: That's wonderful! Anyone you'd like to give a special shout-out to?

Kort: Definitely Kanta Hame, he's been a steady mentor and friend for my entire time in 10KI.

Wisch: Youíre currently serving as one of the regionís Technical Liaisons. What does this role entail?

Kort: The role entails maintaining and developing our regional Discord Bots as well as serving as an advisory on the usage of any 3rd party programs that are commonly used in R/D. Technical Liaisons are also a part of TITO Command, but don't generally run day to day operations.

Wisch: Could you tell us a little about what KorTech does?

Kort: KorTech serves as the main Discord administration tool for the 10KI server. It also has many fun things that I've added to it over time to make our Discord server more enjoyable! New features are being added whenever I get a crazy idea for a project haha.

Wisch: Do you have any crazy projects cooking right now? Or give an example of a past one?

Kort: The current project is secret ;). Past additions have ranged from the easy to write ExecutionCog used by Command, to a roster that still needs some fine tuning.

Wisch: I guess weíll just have to wait and see then! KorTech has been affectionately named BorkTech by many Islanders for its semi-frequent malfunctions. Why do these sorts of things happen?

Kort: Mostly due to me tinkering with the code and inadvertently breaking things. Other issues stem from updates happening to anything that KorTech is connected to.

Wisch: And about how much time do you spend on coding/maintenance for the server?

Kort: It varies depending on how busy I am in my day to day life and if I have a problem in my code Iím working hard on to fix. I am always keeping an eye out for any issues that may occur so I can fix them right away.

Wisch: How did you become XKIís resident techie?

Kort: Well, I spearheaded TITO's move from Skype to Discord. This expanded to include the rest of 10KI into our server over time, so its been my baby since the very beginning. So when I stepped back from being a Tactical Officer, the Technical Liaison role was created so I could stay in TITO Command and continue to develop and moderate the Discord Server. KorTech being created and developed also served to cement my position as the techie.

Wisch: The server must be very special to you then. Do you think youíre ever going to retire as Tech Liaison?

Kort: Perhaps one day, but that won't be for a long time yet. Tech Liaisons are required to be part of TITO Command due to the nature of access they have, and so thereís a much smaller pool of candidates for the position. Also, KorTech is my baby and would need to be swapped out for something else should I ever retire.

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off Ė Wischland and Margaux