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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 7)

February '21
Volume Seven

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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Staying the course – Elections in Caer Sidi
by CSBS Staff

With the end of Taoiseach Icarus first term in office, elections were set to begin on the 29th of December 2020 and lasting until the 1st of January 2021. Standing for the highest elected office in Caer Sidi were the current Taoiseach Icarus KM Corleone, and former Taoiseach Jaytilla Kingsmoreaux.

During the campaigning period, Icarus cited her successful past term and announced that she planned to focus more heavily on foreign affairs, especially cooperative crossover events with other regions, should she be reelected. Her challenger Jaytilla proposed holding music listening parties in which people would curate a playlist of some of their favourite songs, as well as the establishment of joke or pun threads on the RMB and reinvigorating Caer Sidis clans, potentially through organizing contests between them.
When asked about options to increase participation in the region, both candidates agreed that the best way to facilitate a more active population is by approaching and inviting them directly.

At the end of the election period, Icarus was reelected as Taoiseach, carrying away an impressive 75% of votes.
Taoiseach Icarus retained Loller and Tenurium as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Communications, respectively, while also appointing her opponent Jatytilla and Krytore to the co-ministry of culture. Dyllon was appointed as Tanaiste, but resigned later in the term, being replaced by Peaches.

Friends in faraway places - Weekend Games with Osiris
by Kresh Nagar

On the 16th and 17th of January, a joint gaming event between Osiris and Caer Sidi took place. First, the inhabitants of Caer Sidi were invited to join Osiris for an evening of Secret Hitler, a social deduction game set in the Weimar Republic. The following day, Caer Sidi hosted a series of Jackbox games. The event as a whole was well received by organizers and participants.

Boom Beach: Smashing Records!
by LollerLand (Lord of Autumn)

Towards the end of Decemeber 2020, The Autumnal Court was contacted by The East Pacific, enquiring if we would be interested in trying to do the biggest raid in history along with them. We instantly agreed to get on board and together with with the other Commanders of the operation, planned to smash the record for the biggest number of updaters in modern NationStates history.

By the time the participating regions were finalised, Boom Beach had 17 regions participating with their military. Apart from The Autumnal Court of Caer Sidi, the following regions' militaries were a part of the operation:

Warzone Asia, Europeia, The East Pacific, Thaecia, Lone Wolves United, The West Pacific, Wintercrest, United Kingdom, Lily, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Balder, The Black Hawks, Kantrias, The North Pacific, New Pacific Order and Osiris.

The first act by the Boom Beach collective was the invasion of Confederacy of PB Nations on the minor of January 15th. This region was to be used as a staging ground for the main raid. Due to its vitality, the original invasion of CPBN only consisted of few Commanders and a handful of their trusted troops. Peaches and CptCarrot from The Autumnal Court were a part of this raid party.

Once the CPBN was hit, all troops were ordered to pile in and stage there. At its peak, it had 162 endorsements on the raider Delegate.

On the major update of 16th January, Boom Beach hit the region of Alnobia and broke the record of the largest number of updaters with 95 updaters succefully jumping! It will be a long time before this record is broken again.

Even though the original objective of breaking the record for the largest number of updaters was already achieved, we had a few more fun things planned. But the first priority was to defend Warzone Asia, a participating region of Boom Beach that was threatened to be destroyed for their participation in the operation. On the minor of 17th, the troops of Boom Beach jumped into Warzone Asia and endorsed its native Delegate to defend it from any potential raid attempts. In the same update, an attempt was made to invade Boston, but a lower turnout than the one that was the record breaking raid of Alnobia meant that the Defenders won over the invaders by one endorsement.

The troops went back to piling in Alnobia. On the minor update of 21st, a Delegacy bump of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, fascist region, was organised. Although enough people required for the bump jumped on time, a not-so-unknown bug caused the region page of CCD to not update during that particular update, meaning the Delegate was not updated.

Many players who participated in Boom Beach was participating in a raid for the first time in their life. Many were from regions that have and would never interact otherwise. While Boom Beach was sucessful in completing its original objective, it was not so succefull with the secondary ones. But the fact that several regions kept apart their IC conflicts and animosity and came together to achieve a common goal truly makes this operation remarkable and unique.

Boom Beach also helped TAC to enlist more troops to the Ceithern. By the end of the operation, there were 17 participants from The Autumnal Court taking part in the operation, the highest number we have ever had.

A time to give – NS Christmas Charity Fundraiser 2020
by Kresh Nagar

On the 11th of December, the NS Christmas Charity Fundraiser 2020, a project Spearheaded by Wymondham, in which more than 20 regions came together to raise money for The Trevor Project, a charity which provides a toll free, 24/7 suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ+ youth, began. It would go on until the 25th of December.

During this time frame, the regions of Anteria, Caer Sidi, Edlhus, Hartfelden, Res Publica, Sasquatch Republic, Social Technocratic Union, Spiritus, Thalassia, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The West Pacific, The Union of Democratic States and Warzone Asia would all host regional events in order to contribute to the charity drive.

Beyond that, 6 Twitch streams featuring notable Individuals from the participating regions where organized. These streams saw conversations between the participants as well as the singing of Christmas songs.

All in all, the event managed to raise an impressive 3 400$ to donate to the Trevor Project.

Wondrous winter festivities - The Caer Days
by Kresh Nagar

From the 21st to the 23rd of December, Caer Sidi was swept by the festive spirit of the winter holidays, holding the Caer Days, a multi-parted event, starting with a avatar contest on the forums and the opening of the “decorate Caer” channel, in which a different template was posted each day for the citizens of the region to decorate cooperatively by working of the decorations placed by other participants.

On the 22nd, a movie night for the classic Christmas movie “Home Alone” was held.

The Event also included a secret santa in which all participants where randomly assigned another person to give a gift to be delivered on the 24th, with the recipient not knowing who their gift was from. The only rule of the event was that no money was to be spent.

The Autumnal Court continues to grow stronger!
by LollerLand (Lord of Autumn)

The Autumnal Court has managed to maintained its increased amount activity towards the end of 2020 and has continued to do so in 2021. Since December when the last issue of CSBS was published, TAC has participated in 13 different operations and 8 of those were lead by The Autumnal Court itself.

The last two months have seen the impressive rise of few members of the Ceithern. Dyllon Avocado who had reached the rank of Mruigfher led 4 operations themselves, after doing their first Trigger raid on 7th December , 2020. They were also a constant presence in our ops throughout their time in TAC. Although Dyllon has now retired from R/D, we will always be greatful to them for their contributions.Bóaire

Peaches, who first triggered for TAC on 7th December is an another member that has been rising quickly among the ranks. With two operations led by them in total so far, Peaches has quickly become an invaluable member for TAC. Bóaire Sadako Yamamura/Astrid Weisberg-Talleyrand has been one of our most consistent updaters since they joined Caer Sidi and enlisted in TAC. Their skill and consistent presence has helped us in numerous operations.

The Autumnal Court believes in the strength and value of friendship. Throughout the last two months we have done numerous operations along with various allied and friendly militaries. With our allies from Europeian Republican Navy, TAC did 3 update operations. And with The Black Hawks, 2 updates along with piling in their support during the occupation of The Spaghetti Land. With TWPAF, Karma and Aurrelius, we did one update each. These operations include those that were led by us and the ones that we were invited into participate.

To top it all off, TAC also participated in the Boom Beach Operation along with 17 other raider and independent military organisations and made the record for the most number of updaters in modern NationStates history with a total of 95 updaters during the invasion of Alnobia, as a part of Boom Beach.

The consistent activity of The Autumnal Court during the last 6 months have strengthened its reputation as a respectable and skilled military organisation. We intent to use this momentum to grow as an intependent military organisation in NationStates which is open to both sides of R/D.

News from the royal Court - An update to the Orders of Caer Sidi
by Kresh Nagar

In recognition of service to the region, new titles were bestowed upon certain members of the region by Seasonal Queen Aynia Moreaux. On the 17th of January, the Orders of Caer Sidi were updated, leading to Loller Kingmoreaux Corleone receiving the title of Leath-Ri (Half-King) for his role as forum administrator, Delegate and Lord of Autumn as well as his past positions, Icarus Kingsmoreaux Corleone, Stefan Moreaux and Cara Lacerta being granted the title of Daoine Uaisle (Gentry) for her successful terms as Taoiseach, his work in maintaining the roleplay and her task as Orator of the Oirechtas, Caer Sidis legislative body, respectively.

It's official, Caer Sidi has three moons!
by LollerLand

On 2nd December, Queen Aynia Moreaux started a regional poll in Caer Sidi to settle a debate that was raised by the roleplayers of the region, "How many moons does Caer Sidi have?"

After the voting period which lasted 3 days, it was clear that the majority wanted 3 moons and that is exactly what they got! Now the question arose, what names should be given to these moons? Residents of the region were told to put forward and nominate names that they think should be considered on the region's RMB.

Even though 'Glitter Orb' recieved many vocal supporters, once the vote for the names was concluded, Taliesin, Annwn and Prydwen took the lead and was declared as the names of Caer Sidi's moons.

Citizen of the Month: Wildspongy/ Cool Fish
by Taoiseach Evil Mother

I am very happy to announce that this months special citizen is Wildspongy, also known as Spongy or “the guy how gives funny advice that you should definitely not follow”. He is one of our most loyal and most active citizens. Not only does he contribute greatly to our discord culture, he is also an integral part of our RMB and his comments are always good for a laugh. Thank you, Spongy for being a part of our region, your presence is and will always be a great bringer of joy and laughter in our region.

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