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Fifth Government of Oceania

Truth, Always: The Fifth Government of the Republic of Oceania

Danielle Martinez

My fellow citizens,

Our nation has been through a lot
in the past few months. After a
contentious administration and an
understandably contentious election
our nation is now more divided than
ever. I hope, as your President, to
begin to change that.

I am proud to host a multipartisan
Administration, with members of all
four of our nation's major parties
represented, as well as representing
an administration that is racially,
regionally, and economically diverse.
At 16 Yew Street, the address of the
State House, I hope to embody the
spirit of the Oceanian Republic.

I will continue the practice of my
predecessors to hold an Executive
Office of the President, preserving
a meritocratic civil service with the
goal of maintaining the professionalism
and institutional knowledge within
our government.

It is an honor to serve as our nation's
President. I look forward to the future
of our Republic, and I hope that, soon,
we will all come together to recognize
the extraordinary value of truth, of
love, and of understanding to our still
growing democracy. Toward a more
perfect Republic, I have great faith that
our best days are ahead of us.

Danielle Martinez
President of the Republic

The Executive Office of
The President of the Republic

Statehouse Office
Chief of Staff
Manifred Rogers
Chief Strategist
Jennifer Blumère
Senior Counselor
Denny Hönk
Senior Counselor
Pierre Omidyar
Vice President's Chief of Staff
Emma Hartford

National Security Council
National Security Advisor
Lt. Gen. Cimino Wyrick

Economic Policy Council
Economic Policy Director
Marianne Noble
Dr. Mawani Maure
Budget Director
Beta O'Rourke

Domestic Policy Council
Domestic Policy Director
Rachel H. Pirro

Office of Administration
Press Secretary
Marco Roboto
Cabinet Secretary
Kurkjian Leier
Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs
Loureiro Codner
Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs
Autio Cancilla
President's Public Liaison
Rev. Father Darius Slaczynski
Director of Political Affairs
Ahlers Dolce

Office of Science and Technology
Chief Technologist
Dr. Mcmahen Ahdieh

Office of Drug Control and Policy
Dr. David G. Ford

Office of Trade and Embassies
Trade Representative
HE Dillard Winifield
Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
HE Fisprod Heritage

Presidential Fellows
An assembly of civic, business,
and cultural leaders invited to a
residency to increase the nation's
participation in national affairs.

  • Princess Devontae, CNN Managing Director

  • Vishal Vig, former Prime Minister

  • Sydney Elise-Cameron, National Presidential Youth Council

  • Jamie Steinberg, activist

  • Flé Fermi, author

  • Dominique Herrera, investor

  • Michael Princeton, Nassau University

  • Kelly Nordland, constitutional scholar

Our Cabinet

Vice President of the Republic
Zillah Romola

Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Bonifaz Terrell

Secretary of Finance
Koenry Gerritz

Dania Emilian

Secretary of Defense
Cameld Raymonton

Secretary of Community Affairs
Johannea Miranz

Secretary of Health and Labour
Alexios Viel

Secretary of Public Works
Rugger Matts

Secretary Culture and Equality
Rachela Corranto

Secretary of Rural Development
Cyril Menéndez

Secretary of the Environment
Angeloyd Huberry