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EASCB -- Declaration of Foundation

[b][size=300][font=Courier New][color=#FFCD01]THE EURASIAN STRATEGIC CO-OPERATION BLOC[/color][/font][/size][/b]

[size=200][b][font=courier new][color=#FFCD01]Declaration of Foundation: "The Future of Man"[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center]

[box][font=consolas][size=140][b]The Future of Man[/b][/size]
[size=85]L. Turnov, Vice-Executive[/size][/font][hr][font=courier new][list][align=justify][tab=20][b]Man[/b][/tab] [b]has been defined[/b], first and foremost, by the conditions of his time. His will is subject to this phenomena, drawn from human power but ultimately outside of its otherwise expansive command; that which forms the principal spiritual foundation of the "human", "social" world as it has existed, does exist, and shall exist forevermore. This order, spurned from chance yet dictating that which is certain, has produced the forces of today and how they shall meet with those of tomorrow. This power sets the stage of history and the actors upon it  the generals, the kings, the philosophers  alongside their fates, without consideration or mercy.

[tab=20]The[/tab] present dialectic along this premise is established as follows: liberal democracy versus all which challenges it. We cite the late Eduard Limonov in saying that there exists no longer a "left" or a "right" wing. [color=#BB970C][b]There is only the present system, and its enemies.[/b][/color] It is the choice of all men, therefore, to consider themselves subordinate to one of these tendencies; engulfed by one, become as one, to be a soldier of today or one of tomorrow. To realise that will which exists beyond his own, and act accordingly. This issue, pressing at the lives of all with unbounded ferocity, regardless of the popular cognisance of it, is manifest through the wars and conflicts that ravage the earth today. The imperialist world-order aims to assert its dictation, uphold its mandate and its interests, and ultimately secure the base upon which a small group of oligarchs continue to exploit the worlds they have subordinated to their ever-ravenous will. This is, unquestionably, the doctrine of liberalism and all of its children. It is the doctrine all young revolutionaries should aim to direct themselves against.

[tab=20]But[/tab] to speak solely of the dominance of liberal democracy is to affirm that dominance; it is well-known that to every phenomenon there exists an opposite, an antithesis, and it is our directive to realise this. And so it has been realised! In every corner on this Earth which is subject to exploitation, to oppression, to imperialism, there exists a very real underlying consciousness directed against the prevailing ideological hegemony. Straining upon the weight of the forces it has itself created, the reality is clear: [color=#BB970C][b]the days of the status-quo are numbered.[/b][/color] Now, with entire nations having been emancipated from liberalism, it is high time they worked together. Let all forces directed against the liberalism of today unite. Economically and militarily, we shall formulate a grand concordat possessing one distinct goal: [color=#BB970C][b]RESISTANCE.[/b][/color]

[tab=20]It[/tab] is our pleasure to announce the foundation of such an alliance: the Eurasian Strategic Co-Operation Bloc. [color=#990000][b]What do we mean by [/color][color=#BB970C][i]Eurasian?[/i][/b][/color] It does not merely refer to geography  many countries exist in "Eurasia" despite quite clearly aligning with western liberalism. It refers to an idea, a mindset. One first ushered in by Lenin's Bolsheviks, cultivated through years of conflict, of division, of bitter resistance to the impending tides of NATO's encirclement. This precedent of unconditional opposition to the destructive rampage of western democracy is one that has inspired hundreds of millions in their staunch campaign to change the world. Carrying on this tradition are the constituent states of the E.A.S.C.B., a new light in the darkness of liberalism. It is of no surprise to us that the hegemons of the present world will look down upon us and spit at us with utter disdain. That is fine. The masters of the new world have no regard for the propaganda and misinformation of a decaying world order of struggling kleptocrats. [color=#BB970C][b]Lions care not for the opinions of sheep.[/b][/color]

[tab=20]With[/tab] this in mind, we must also concern ourselves with the particularities assigned to this agreement. It is all very well to profess words and promise, but only decisive action and actual policy can concretely define the premises of an agreement. As such, the following provisions have been guaranteed and agreed upon:

[list=1][*]The Eurasian Economic Coalition shall be established. This shall permit economic co-operation upon a mutually beneficial basis to allow relative prosperity among all member-states. The E.E.C. will operate upon a premise of mutual aid and co-dependency, rather than the system of economic imperialism which plagues modernity at present.
[*]The Military Advisory Council of Eurasia shall be established, to co-ordinate military operations, training exercises, and intelligence sharing among the signatory-members of the Bloc. It will also function as a consultation body for questions of mutual war and peace on behalf of all members of the Bloc.
[*]An Executive Council shall be established. It shall consist of a Supreme Commissioner and three appointed members of the Security Council. Each member of the Security Council will serve as Supreme Commissioner for three months a year, in a rotational manner.
[list=a][*]The Office of the Supreme Commissioner is charged with presiding over the Bloc as a whole. It may concern itself with matters of representing the Bloc diplomatically, assigning funding or aid for certain member-states of the Bloc, or issuing Executive Orders for the Bloc as a whole with respect to the strictly economic and military nature of the bloc.
[*]The Security Council is charged with assisting the Executive in this matter.
[*]Organisation and co-ordination of military operations falls within the jurisdiction of the Security Council.[/list]
[*]The nations of the Bloc are permitted to form an Assembly for the purpose of amending these provisions or enacting what could otherwise be considered an Executive Order by vote.[/list]
[tab=20]Now[/tab] that this has been established, it is high time for the Bloc to oppose western liberalism as a united front. Across the Earth, with billions of hearts now triumphantly beating as one united chorus, let the hallowed call cry out: [color=#BB970C][b]Down with the imperialists![/b][/color]


[i]Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr., Chairman of the Asian Communist Party

Mozhkin Turaniski, General-Secretary of the Reinkalistani Communist Party

Wilhelm III von Hohenzollern, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia

Stanislaus Radizwill, Prime Minister of Poland and Prussia[/i]


[i]His Royal Majesty, King of Salcanceacy and its Subject Territories within Africa, Oliver Formby[/i][/list][/list][/align][/font][/box]

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