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Please note that this is a work of fiction:
It expresses an overexaggeration of the author's views to the point of little resemblance.
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Asia in the 20th Century was a land of vast opportunity. . . and terrible civil strife. As in any age, most people sought only to live their lives in peace.

Instead, they witnessed the entire world unravel before their very eyes.

A devastating war swept every continent on Earth, triggering the total collapse of Oriental civilization. The principles and ideologies of the 20th Century were stirred into the all-consuming flame of industrialized warfare, as we wielded weapons which never in our wildest dreams could we have hoped to harness. Metal beasts wandering vast fields. Aerial behemoths. Floating fortresses.

The righteous struggle involved everybody, the heinous slaughter spared nobody. The conflict would fully explore mankind's untapped potential.

Humiliating defeats. Monumental victories. Depths of fear. Summits of courage.

Asia, long united, divided.

And when the Soviet Union unleashed its nuclear arsenal, peace blurred into naught but a faint memory.

Then a miracle happened. From the ashes of the Old World, our New Order emerged.

The smoky skies of imperialism cleared way for the radiance of a new age to come forth: a new age, not dictated by the labor of men, but accelerated by the rhythm of machines. Hand-in-hand, marching towards the future; as a single Federation:

Workers of the world, united.

We are the brainchild of Socialism, a new type of political organization, based not just on the man, but on the collective: every man is a king, but none dare to wear a crown. This is a nation where every man's home is his castle, and his community, a Kingdom in its own right. A quarter acre of the dream made possible by the spoils of war, but built through our pursuit for peace in a cold, unforgiving world.

We are sons and daughters of Orientalism. The nations of the East call us to lead our brothers and sisters into a golden age of prosperity. This is a nation where men and women can pursue happiness for themselves and their children free from fear of slavery, of hunger, of the envy of his neighbour, and of war. This is a nation where men are judged not by the color of their skin, but the labor they contribute to the development of the land. This is a nation of all religions—of the Christian, the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Jew, and everyone in between. Its ideological beliefs do not tarnish its reputation as the birthplace of spirituality and the cradle of all human civilization.

Yet in a cynical reversal of fortune, our young nation now finds itself surrounded again by reactionary forces, by those who would oppose our solidarity: the skeptics who fear us, the megalomaniacs who wish what ours was theirs—the marionette governments of the West. They scream, but we do not hear them. For who truly can or can't set limits to our onward march?

Enemies of the People, fear us! We think back to our families, our friends, our colleagues, and those who have struggled before us: while we live in liberty now, there remains still those who are oppressed and alienated from each other by the North American Terror Organization and the will of a world that resists to share in our prosperity. We remain vigilant of the fact that more and more of the world's resources critical to the advancement of mankind are being hoarded away by the dark forces of Imperialism and Capitalism.

An attack on the People's Federation is an attack on you, proletariat! Evil is consolidating strength! We must work to ensure that this great nation of ours shall never rest, until every masochist is humanized, until every worker is free, until every culture is celebrated, until every man is a master of his own destiny, until every tyrant's head is sliced-off by the sickle and every Fascist regime is smashed by the hammer.

We proclaim this as our legacy, let our will be honored by all generations, for all men to see!

We are the Pan-Asiatic States.




"And what would they be scared of? There's nothing to fear in a perfect world. . . is there?"
― Catherine Fisher

Pan-asiatic states