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Dolphin Party

The Dolphin Party

The Dolphin party is party that is headed by Celestial Wave, and runs on a platform of protecting the environment, increasing civil rights, freedom of speech, and scientific advancement. We firmly stand against all extremes, most notably fascism.

We are a major party of SolarFlare, and aims to be central and be sure to help people in need while still maintaining economic freedom. We are also a secular party, and one of our aims is to completely differentiate the church and state and believe that religion should have no place in politics.

To apply to the party you must telegram Celestial Wave with your request, and we will judge based on whether or not you fit the rules:
1. You are a democratic nation
2. You separate Church and State
3. You don't flip parties constantly
4. You follow all SolarFlare rules.
5. You aren't a raider.

If you meet all these guidelines, you are good to go and should be approved quickly!

Every election, we will pick one nation for the role up for grabs. I will send a telegram to all party members with the options and they will privately send me their choice. After that, the winner would go up as the person representing our party. If you want to apply for to represent us as a candidate you have to follow all rules stated above and be a member of the party for at least a month.

Sidenote:If you want the Dolphin Party to do a raid without the rest of SolarFlare, telegram me with the region you have in mind. We will not raid innocent regions. If you go off and raid a region on your own without my confirmation, good luck with that, and if I find out if it's a neutral region or an ally, you will be kicked from the party.

Head of Party:Celestial Wave
Members: Inferior America