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[LXVIII Unity Expedition] Frequently Asked Questions

LXVIII Unity Expedition | Alpanio Natural Park, Sartoria
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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions about the Unity Expedition. Whatever those questions may be, this dispatch aims to answer them and help you along your way towards participating in the Expedition. If you are still in doubt, click the button below to contact the Joint Committee for the Unity Expedition, whose members will be able to answer all your questions:

What exactly is the Unity Expedition?

The Unity Expedition is an biennial trekking and mountaineering charity event that is organised by the World Society and the International Mountaineering Association (IMA). It was first held in the aftermath of the 1992 Rotale Disaster, where 37 climbers died, as a way to improve morale and foster international cooperation. Those who participated in the inaugural event summited Rotale and donated their resulting income to charity. In the following years the Expedition grew into a complex international event:

  • 1997: An agreement was reached to allow all IMA member countries to bid for the right to host the Expedition.

  • 2005: A trek to the mountain's base camp was incorporated as an official activity.

  • 2013: Multiple treks and subsidiary climbs was added as official activities.

  • 2019-2023: World War III forced the suspension of the Expedition.

Since 2025 the Expedition has been held every two years with the participation of most countries in the world, contributing to various charities and raising awareness on many worthy causes.

How is the location selected?

Every two years the International Mountaineering Association meets to evaluate the various bids submitted by national mountaineering associations. A majority of the vote is needed to assign hosting rights to any given bid. Sartoria's bid was evaluated and unanimously assigned on the 2129 IMA Session.

How does the Expedition contribute to charitable causes?

The Expedition has agreements with various institutions where a certain amount of money is to be donated to a selection of charities per kilometre trekked or half kilometre climbed per participant. In addition, the host country is allowed to select one charity to which $1 million will be donated at the conclusion of the event.

Both participants and the general public are also encouraged to donated to approved charities and participate in the various awareness campaigns that are sponsored by the Expedition, particularly for those members of the public who find themselves unable to participate in the treks or climbs. A full accounting of the money that has been raised and donated is presented at the conclusion of the event.

What charity has been selected by Sartoria?

The charity selected by the Sartorian Mountaineering Society for the LXVIII Unity Expedition is the Gentiloni Cancer Fund (HCF). The Fund, founded by Mario Gentiloni in 2114, supports families in Sartoria's mountain region affected by cancer and raises awareness of the economic struggles of families in the mountain region. Mr Gentiloni will attend the Gala Dinner on April 13 to receive the ceremonial cheque for $1 million.

Does the Expedition have any negative effects over the environment?

The Expedition recognises the effects that it can have over the environment, particularly due to the amount of litter that is generated during the treks and climbs. Participants are given clear instructions to keep all areas clean before they begin their journey, and partnerships are established with local institutions to leave all affected regions in their original state. The Expedition also complies with all local laws on environmental management and social responsibility.

Who can participate in the Expedition?

As a general rule treks are open to the general public and climbs are invitation-only, though there are specific rules that apply for each case:

  • Alpanio Base Camp Trek & Subsidiary Treks:

    • Open to the general public.

    • Only those who submitted online applications may attend.

    • Only 400 applicants will be accepted for the Alpanio Unity Climb.

  • Alpanio Unity Climb & Subsidiary Climbs:

    • Restricted to invited climbers.

    • Each national mountaineering association may invite up to 4 climbers per mountain to participate.

How much does it cost to participate?

The following section outlines the costs for each component of the Expedition. Costs include accommodation, meals, permits, equipment and emergency care, but they do not include flights to and from Sartoria, transportation to any location, visas, non-emergency care and other costs not directly related to the trek.

  • Alpanio Base Camp Trek: $7,000

  • Subsidiary Treks: $5,000

  • Alpanio Unity Climb: $50,000

  • Subsidiary Climbs: $35,000

In addition to the above costs, a 10% fee is charged and the participant will have to select a charity to which the fee will be donated, out of a list of approved organisations. Any portions of the cost that are not used by the end of the event will also be donated to a charity of the participant's choice, out of the same list of approved organisations.

Joint Committee for the Unity Expedition

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