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Acts Passed by the Imperial Senate

The Colonization Act: The Colonization Act is one of many reforms the Derikan Empire has begun to reverse the policies of Asar. This act re-allows colonies to be established outside of the current borders of Derika, and in uncontested space. Any family who wishes to join on the new colonization missions, will receive 4 acres of free land on the planet, and free travel to and from the colonial planet and the capital planet, Buur.

The Drug Act of 2240: Once word got out of a new drug going through the streets of New Hyperion, the Imperial Senate started drafting a bill to slowly get the drug off the streets. Multiple checkpoints were spread throughout the city and at almost all entrances. Once stopped at these checkpoints, civilians must allow the police to search their vehicles if they had Reasonable Cause. If civilians refused, they would be detained for up for 24 hours or until a search of their vehicle was completed.

Military Conscription Act of 2240: Finally approved by the Imperial Senate, conscription has been allowed across the Derikan Empire. Facing the Eliksni incursion into Sol and the Derikan systems, the Imperial Senate finally approved the Act to better defend the Empire. 10 Million men and women were involved in the original bill, but with the Eliksni encroaching in Derikan territory, the bill passed with 50 Million men and women to be conscripted into the military. After the war, the conscripted soldiers were given a choice to either leave or stay in the military. 5 million soldiers chose to stay, with the other 45 million requesting to leave.

Demilitarization Act: NULL AND VOID. FOR THE EMPIRE.

Protection of the State Act: Following the ever-so increasing threat to Acre's position as Emperor, Acre proposed the Protection of the State Act. This act formed a new branch of the Derikan Armed Forces, called the Interplanetary Peacekeeping Force. It's role is to detain any Asar-loyalists in any Derikan territory, and assist in riot control across the Empire. However, a special sub-set of the Interplanetary Peacekeeping Force was also created, whose sole job was to find and eliminate rebel leaders across the Empire in assassinations and full-scale gunfights, most notably on Vera and Velatrix. This Act also allowed the Emperor to put anyone he chose to replace a vacant seat in the Senate, such as if one is convicted of treason and is imprisoned. In a secret session of the Imperial Senate, Acre allowed the formation of a secret police, called the Derikan Security Bureau. It's role is to covertly detect Asar Loyalists and any traitors to the Empire, within any means.

The Unitary State of Derika