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Welcome to the LXVIII Unity Expedition

LXVIII Unity Expedition | Alpanio Natural Park, Sartoria
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Welcome to the LXVIII Unity Expedition!

First held in the aftermath of the 1992 Rotale Disaster, the Expedition is an international charity event organised by the International Mountaineering Association. The event involves trekkers and climbers coming together to explore mountain regions and raising awareness and funds for charitable causes. Initially consisting a single mountain climb, the Expedition has since been expanded to include several subsidiary climbs and a trek that is open to the general public; this allows amateur climbers and the public to participate and contribute to various charitable causes.

This year the Expedition will take place in Alpanio Natural Park, deep within the mountain regions of Sartoria. Alpanio Natural Park is home to many world-renowned sites and trekking routes, including Alpanio, which at 8,739m is the world's highest mountain. While the dates for the Expedition may always change, mainly due to weather conditions, the projected dates are as follows:

  • Alpanio Base Camp Trek & Subsidiary Treks: 13 February - 25 February 2133

  • Alpanio Unity Climb & Subsidiary Climbs: 10 April 2133 (expected summit date for Alpanio)

Joint Committee for the Unity Expedition

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