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The Honeycomb Virus

━ Overview ━

Chronic Neurological Edema-Respiratory Deficiency-37, known as the Honeycomb Virus for its hexing, hypoxia- and zombie-like effect on the victim, is a highly contagious disease that is mainly transmitted through aerosols and human contact. Symptoms tend to appear 3-5 days after attainment, with people developing fever, swelling, and coughing originally. Few virus attractors are asymptomatic, and even less are immune, with only 35 known individuals having a condition called Sigma Luftveiene Immunisť. The condition renders the virus dead on contact. Some victims of the virus continue experiencing its effects for some time after having it, generally taking 2 1/2 months to subside.

The first case had been identified in Calpan, PCR, Mu, Arcadia after a transit liner docked in the Repcomb Spaceport just outside the Pirth Capital Region. It is suspected, and decided the most likely action, that the virus spread from the victim[s] to others inside of a bus and was taken to the city of Calpan. 2 days after their arrival, they reported the symptoms, and the Arcadian Science Board began investigating. They concluded on June 21st, 2237 that a new virus had begun spreading. It rapidly became an epidemic, but outside travel was luckily barred in time. Cities were shut down, and national guard forces were called in as the zombie-like effects took hold of the victims. Those that were found were quarantined, and citizens were kept inside, the military delivering food and water.

Eventually, the total amount of victims were rounded up and quarantined away until the virus passed. Since the virus kills the brain, total deaths from the epidemic counted up to 25,403 people. It has been compared to the RAD-X Virus due to the symptoms, though there is no DNA correlation between the 2. As a result of the virus, new testing was developed and security methods were proven to determine that the nation could survive during such incidents.

Disease Traits:

  • Fever

  • Coughing

  • Abnormal Swelling

  • Respiratory issues and shock

  • Sudden and uncontrollable bleeding

  • Fast acting

  • Resistant to modern medicine

  • Makes victim zombie-like

Spreading Conventions:

Mainly airborne; However, if anyone touches an infected personís blood, they too will become infected. The disease can travel for miles if the wind is right. If it is not, then it has a range of about 4-6 feet.

Effect & Symptom Time:

Effect time is 2-3 days, and nothing is noticeable on the first day. The infected will first have a fever, then swelling and coughing; Soon, other symptoms will follow. Patients who have taken MRI scans that have been diagnosed with the disease can be noted that the virus resides into the brain and begins to break down normal functions until the patient is dead, where it then reanimates the body and lives off of the host and the nutrients gained.

Abnormal Case Qualifications:

Sometimes the swelling locations can burst, spraying contaminated blood and other bodily fluids about 2 feet. This is a rare case because only around 5 in 100 people have this effect. Otherwise, there is a highly rare case where the victim may be immune to the virus if their immune systems contain a certain cell named Sigma Luftveiene Immunisť.


The common drug found on Amasa, known as Ro, has the ability to slow the disease at an incredible rate and nullify pain. However, it does not cure the disease. It should also be restricted to a last resort-type of event, as Ro is highly addictive. It may also be modified into a suitable vaccine.