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Árkádian Alapítvány Szentírás // Arcadian Founding Scripture

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The Arcadian Founding Scripture is the official supreme law document of the Arcadian Republic, outlining the government structure, the "checks and balances" system, the Separation of Powers doctrine, Federalism, the duty of the people, and the rights of the citizens. Separation of Powers divides the federal government into 3 branches - the legislative branch, consisting of the bicameral Capital Assembly into the High Assembly and Council of Delegates, the executive branch, consisting of the president and his Cabinet, or advisory, and the judicial branch, which runs the national courts and is headed by the Cardinal Forum. Every branch is kept in check via the checks and balances system, where no branch or cabinet will overlap. 

Federalism is defined as the devolution of government power to individual provinces, describing the rights, responsibilities, and cooperation of the federal government and the provincial governments, as well as future revision of the Founding Scripture. The original Scripture is archived to provide a reminder of the original idea of Arcadia. Since its founding in 2129, it has not been ratified many times, the citizens wishing to keep it similar.

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