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W&S' Easy Guide to Pull Events

PULL EVENTS: Your best chance to get a rare and valuable card!

by Witchcraft and Sorcery

What is a Pull Event?
A pull event is a period of time where a rare and valuable card is put at auction for a very high price, in order to deliberately trigger the Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System. This allows the card to appear in packs more frequently, even if it has Ceased to Exist or is otherwise difficult to obtain in packs like high-value Season 1 cards. Card traders use this system to generate many copies of cards that are extremely difficult to obtain due to being very scarce or expensive. Many card organizations run these pull events for the community! These organization pull events happen at pre-announced times, so be sure to keep an eye out and prepare in advance!

What is the Trading Cards Anti-Laundering System? How does it work?
Also known as TCALS, this is a system that was initially put in place to make it more difficult for card traders to move large amounts of bank between their puppets and their main nation on the open market. However, traders quickly realized that a huge upside to this system is that it can be used to spawn many copies of rare and valuable cards that would otherwise be extremely difficult to obtain. If a card is at auction for a very high price and/or has many bids placed on it in a short period of time, there is a chance that card packs opened during that time will contain the card at auction instead of a regular card. The chance increases with the value of the bid and ask, as well as the number of bids that are placed.

How do I get the card?
All you need to do is answer issues and open packs! The more nations and issues you have saved up, the more likely you are to get the card.

HOWEVER: Only packs opened within two minutes of answering an issue have a chance to trigger TCALS. This means that you MUST open packs immediately after answering an issue, and you cannot save up packs prior to the event. This means you should save up issues rather than card packs. If all your puppets have a full slate of 5 issues, then that maximizes your chances to pull the card.

Pull Event Tips
Patience is key. Sometimes you will get the card within a couple minutes of the event starting. Sometimes you will go through dozens of nations or more and not get anything. Donít get frustrated, keep answering issues, and know that itís okay to not get anything! There will be more pull events and more chances later. You wonít always get the card every time.
More nations = usually better. More nations means more issues, which means more chances to get the card. Of course, you can only answer so many issues in a certain time window.
Try to stop answering issues on your puppets about 30 hours before the pull event starts. Since issues take six hours to regenerate, this will ensure that you have the maximum 5 issues on your puppets when the pull event begins.
Advanced tip: if you really want to optimize issue answering and maximize your chances, you can use scripts like Linkgotissues or LinkRCES for one- or two-click issue answering with the Containerise Firefox extension. This is NOT recommended for newcomers - itís best to get a handle on how things work manually first. These scripts require a fair amount of time to set up and get working properly, but once you feel youíve got the hang of it, you can take the leap and become a card farming machine!