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January Senate By-Election | Handbook

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[size=250][font=Times New Roman]2021
January Senate By-Elections


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[tr][td][size=115][nation]Antenion[/nation] [color=#0000FF](TPU)[/color]
[nation]Cerdenia[/nation] [color=#202020](TF)[/color]
[nation]Kor Sahab[/nation] [color=#263f84](NM)[/color]
[nation]Saint Songbird[/nation] [color=#202020](TF)[/color]
[nation]The Helvetic Imperium[/nation] [color=#808080](IND)[/color][/size]
[center]*[b]DO[/b] indicates Dropped Out[/center][/box]

[box][b][size=200][anchor=3][/anchor]Campaign Factbooks[/size][/b]


[spoiler=[size=150][nation]Antenion[/nation] | Campaigning Blurb[/size]]
Here are my key points of interest. 

[list]1. Keep a keen eye on legislation that is passing though the upper house and voicing my concerns and criticism for the people of Thaecia

2. Making sure that All Ministries have all the necessary things that they need

3. Reducing the Size of the House of Commons

4. Work to help pass legislation that will expand and improve both the L.R. Codes that define the politics of Thaecia, and the R.P. Codes of Thaecia (which are basically nothing but a legislative waste of time tbh, but it gets boring sometimes)

5. Reforming the Military bill (which a certain portion of the bill had, and has gotten my most harshest of criticism because of how it absolutely restrains the military from what it's supposed to do in an efficient manner)[/list]

With that said, Please vote for me, and if you don't particularly like me I don't blame you then go ahead and vote for [nation]The Helvetic Imperium[/nation] and [nation]Cerdenia[/nation] as they are equally as good, if not better than I am at this fine job. With that said good night and stay safe My Fellow Thaecians

With Love, 
-Antenion, Senate Candidate[/spoiler]


[spoiler=[size=150][nation]The Helvetic Imperium[/nation] | Campaigning Blurb[/size]]

I would like to outline some of the key aspects of my platform, just so you can get an idea of what Iím standing on.

[list]1. Ensure all legislation that passes through the upper chamber is looked over with a razor sharp eye, particularly from a legal perspective.

2. Reduce the size of the House of Commons in order to ensure that elections for this body are competitive.

3. Work to help pass legislation that further specifies and expands several LRs, in order to help the Justice Minister and anyone else who needs to or wishes to understand our laws.

4. Work to help prevent redundant legislation, in order to ensure that the Chamber remains clear for bills which are necessary.

5. Support our Thaecian military in terms of defense spending making sure that the Secretary of Defense possesses whatever they need to keep the military running in a smooth, defensive manner.

6. Support the creation of a ę Thaecian Mock Congress Camp Ľ or something similar, to help train the next group of legislators in how to write, debate, and pass good legislation.

7. Above all else, try to make the process of our democracy easier for outsiders to understand and have fun with! I believe itís important to make sure that politics isnít elitist, and that elected officials make themselves available to help show the next group of Thaecian legislators how to go about our democracy.[/list]

Thatís all for now folks, stay tuned for that campaign Factbook!


[spoiler=[size=150][nation]Kor Sahab[/nation] | Campaigning Blurb[/size]]
I would like to announce, despite the past humiliating defeat I had once, will be running for the Senate under the National Movement!

My policies want to help Thaecia change in an image that all Thaecians can be proud of, and here is what I stand for as does the National Movement:

[list]- Establish and retain a Regional Military;

- Change Congress to be a Parliamentary body where the Congresspeople can question the government and uphold their responsibilities directly instead of retaining the American like Congressional system;

- Continue the tradition of our Semi-Presidential system;

- Improve the quality of our Immigration policy;

- REDUCE THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! (believe it, I've come to support it  :p)

- Focus on internal affairs regarding our community first.[/list]

Vote Kor for Senate!
Vote the Community First![/spoiler]


[spoiler=[size=150][nation]Saint Songbird[/nation] | Campaigning Blurb[/size]]
The system is RIGGED!!! (Unless I win, then itís fair!) Ash-ĒLawnĒ and the Cabal of Thaecian Dentists are holding our democracy hostage by ruling over the Senate with a capable and fair hand! The people DEMAND corruption and carnage like only I can bring to our Congress! Donít let Sneakly Ashlawn cheat you out of your vote, help us win BIGLY!!!

Guise where is the support for meeeeeeeee?!? if elected I will stop the Radical Liberal Andusre Warnock agenda! Whatís not to love about that?!?


[size=115]Happening live on the Thaecia Discord, so join in and ask the candidates some questions, DM/TG (@Volchok#8727 / [nation]Taungu[/nation]) if you have any questions to ask![/size]

[size=115]Head over to this website to find the transcripts for each of the debates![/size]

[url=][size=115]Debate Database Site[/size][/url]

[size=105]Will be updated and moved over for your viewing convenience some time after the actual debate to allow for the flash ending poll to gain a little steam![/size]


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[nation]Primo Order[/nation][/size]