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Statement on Anti-Fascist Quorum Raids

Statement on Anti-Fascist Quorum Raids

For years now, The North Pacific has consistently been an Independent region; one of the key aspects of our foreign policy has been that of anti-fascism. This has been and will remain an unwavering commitment.

The Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, a fascist region that one year ago were discovered to have attempted to overthrow our regional government, submitted a proposal to repeal their own liberation. This was pursued by their fascist leader in order to take measures to reduce their region's vulnerability and provide more publicity to their region. Upon submission of the proposal, we undertook an unapproval campaign within hours to deny the Confederation the attention that they so desperately crave. The Confederation's fascist history was specifically noted, as well as their violation of our regional sovereignty. A second unapproval campaign was later initiated. Furthermore, we noted the necessity of quorum raiding in order to deny publicity for fascism and reached out to authors who appeared close to submission in both chambers of the WA about the possibility of quorum raiding. At that time there were no other proposals submitted which were likely to meet quorum. We are unaware of any other regions making efforts to prevent this proposal from reaching quorum through counter-campaigning.

The NPA held off on quorum raiding for as long as possible until it seemed that if we waited any longer, it would be too late. As a matter of policy, quorum raiding is the last resort. On Major at January 17th, I ordered that the NPA initiate a quorum raid on the resolution. We attempted to minimize the amount of regions affected. Given the rate at which approvals recovered, on January 18th at Minor, the NPA initiated another quorum raid. This action was in the protection of our vital regional interests - those being our anti fascist values, and the simple fact that the Confederation and its interests remain hostile to The North Pacific. During this operation, the only action that the NPA carried out was undoing the approval of Delegates that supported a fascist resolution. We do not view regions as fascist for this action; however, the effect their approval has is clear. There was no posting on RMBs, no edits to WFEs or Flags, and no region griefing.

Unfortunately, a group of individuals from Libcord featuring members of a variety of militaries defended against these attempted quorum raids. During the update, an NPA Officer reached out to the Update Commander responsible (who is a member of the South Pacific Special Forces) and attempted to get Libcord to call off their operation. The Update Commander responded with apathy to the Confederation being fascist and demonstrated a disdain for diplomacy generally. Subsequently, The North Pacific attempted to determine which members of what organizations were involved in the operation. We aimed to establish what the policies were in regards to defending against an anti-fascist quorum raid. The Grey Wardens was one such organization. The Grey Wardens promptly informed us of their stance on these operations and reminded their individual involved accordingly. The North Pacific thanks The Grey Wardens for their stance and certainly harbors them no ill-will for their accidental involvement.

The South Pacific was another one of the regions involved. We reached out to their Minister of Defence in an attempt to open dialogue. Unfortunately, the Minister of Defence was not willing to engage substantively. We then appealed to the Prime Minister of The South Pacific in an attempt to resolve the issue; unfortunately, there too we were unable to have a substantial discussion. We will note that The South Pacific did agree with us that the Confederation is a fascist region. In both of these cases, the communication was shut down by The South Pacific. Following the lack of information, we made a statement on our own forum updating the region.

It should be noted that the NPA was not deterred and worked with the military of the New Pacific Order, Legio Pacifica in order to ensure that the proposal was prevented from making quorum. We thank them for their cooperation. We would like to note that due to the previous opposition from the South Pacific Special Forces and others to the anti-fascist operation of the NPA, it became necessary for more regions to be targeted in order to counteract any future opposition which could arise. Over the course of working to ensure that the proposal would miss quorum given the opposition that we faced at the Minor, there were two regions mistakenly targeted at the following Major. The NPA hit a region which withdrew their approval prior to Major but after the target list had been made. Upon realizing this mistake, we reached out to the affected region to apologize. Additionally, the NPA targeted a region allied to one of our allies, and while we reached out to the region through our counter-campaign telegram, we unfortunately did not reach out through other methods to attempt to get them to withdraw their approval of the proposal. TNP should have attempted other avenues to get this region to withdraw their approval, and have reached out in apology to this region affected as well. Ultimately, however, our quorum raiding at Major was met with no military opposition.

The South Pacific took offence to a particular phrase in the update that we made to brief our region'that the actions of the SPSF "sanction[ed] fascism". The South Pacific then for the first time initiated contact with The North Pacific in an attempt to resolve the dispute they now had with us. Unfortunately, there too the communication quickly turned to an unwillingness to engage on the matter at hand despite our willingness to do so. The South Pacific instead turned to issuing demands of us. Nevertheless, we attempted once again to engage with The South Pacific to address the concerns that both parties had through a summit. The South Pacific once again re-issued demands prior to them being willing to discuss any matters further. The North Pacific had earlier offered the ability to resolve the issue without the escalation that The South Pacific has since chosen to take through their public statement on the gameplay forums and dispatch release. We continue to be willing to address any issues privately without making any demands of the other party.

We furthermore stand by our phrasing in the update. The SPSF's deliberate and optional actions were protecting a proposal intended for fascist purposes. The Confederation has previously used resolutions submitted to the WA to draw attention to their region. This has been known and was emphasized to The South Pacific during our communication.

We have always been willing to communicate with our allies on matters that concern them. The North Pacific took a proactive stance in regards to The South Pacific and our concerns with their actions. However, in every single instance, The South Pacific has been the one to close the line of communication. Now, they demand an apology prior to them even being willing to discuss issues with us directly. Additionally, they canceled plans for a cultural event but unfortunately waited several days before informing TNP that they would no longer participate, leaving us to continue preparations unaware for some time. We are saddened that TSP has continually turned down options for communication and collaboration.

As Delegate, I waited in providing an update to The North Pacific about the anti-fascist operation that the NPA did in hopes that the SPSF were willing to engage. It is my constitutional and legal duty to disclose the nature of those such operations. In so doing. I said that any further action taken to prevent our anti-fascist quorum raids would be treated as a serious action against The North Pacific's regional interests and security.

Despite the actions taken so far, we remain willing to discuss these matters with TSP should their attitude change.

The North Pacific will make no apologies for continuing to oppose fascism. We will make no apologies for our efforts to oppose and defeat this fascist proposal by the Confederation. We will remain committed to taking anti-fascist actions as necessary.

Delegate of The North Pacific

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Vice Delegate of The North Pacific

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