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Hiram Land nationbuilder

Nation NS Name: Tenth Republic of Hiram Land
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Nation RP Name: Republic of Hiram Land
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Nation Flag:
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Claim: Australia (excluding Western Australia) and New Zealand, including both's outlying territories
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Head of State: Ziggmanster I, King of Hiramia Okfew
Markkus Alessey, President of Hiram Land

Head of Government: John Monte, Prime Minister of Hiram Land

Political System: Constitutional monarchy

Capital City: Canberra

Total Population: 26,647,599
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Established: 1624

Economic System: Capitalist

GDP (Nominal): $1.292 trillion USD
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GDP (Nominal) Per Capita: $75,429 USD
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Human Development Index: 0.928
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Gini Coefficient: 35.4
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Military Size: 86,413
[Not to exceed more than 2% of population or GDP should drop accordingly]

Military Funding: $56.4 billion USD
[Not to exceed 3-5% of GDP or GDP should drop accordingly]

Active Duty: 60,013

Reserves: 26,400

Ground Forces: 46,948
(includes Reserve personnel)

Naval Forces: 23,469
(includes Reserve personnel)

Air Forces: 15,996
(includes Reserve personnel)

Brief Description of Military Capabilities: The Hiram Land Armed Forces is a military service tasked with defending Hiram Land's territories and interests and bears the responsibility of helping their Pacific neighbours. The military is led by the civilian government's representative, the Minister of Defense, working with the military's representative, the Chief of the Joint Services, which comes from the three services (Army, Navy and Air Forces). The military is attempting to modernize to keep up with their allies and adversaries, spending a large amount of money on equipment. However, it has chosen not to introduce conscription and has tried to apply quality training instead of quantity. However, the government has the ability to introduce conscription during national emergencies with the permission of Parliament.
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Brief History: Hiram Land was discovered in 1522 by a Hiramian explorer who tried to escape the local Pygontai forces, a native force which was able to take over Hiramia for over 100 years and acted like a dictatorship. While that explorer and 100 of his crew were unable to maintain their claim over the island, the area was mapped and Hiramians thought of the land as "the new land of Amiguiatsu"(1).

However, the land was abandoned and the discovery of the island would not be made until 1699 when explorer Maraia Kauoma and many of his soldiers and followers went into the land and founded the city of Purti, later anglicised as Perth. Hiramia was allied with various Indian states in the south, which helped their economy, and the state was using that money to work on the islands, not only to make them defendable by an armed attack but also to expand upon the infrastructure. Hiramia spent a large amount of time after 1699 on this new land, spending money on its only colony, in order to ensure that land relied on Hiramia for its defence.

However, Hiram Land, and Hiramia itself, was attacked many times by Europeans, by first the Portuguese, and then the Spanish and the English, but the Hiramians were also introduced by the Dutch towards capitalism and by allowing the Dutch to exert their influence on Hiramia. Hiramia was basically a colony of the Dutch until the late 1700s, when the Dutch abandoned Hiramia, allowing Hiramians to use the Dutch's abilities to colonise, using that on southern India and parts of eastern Africa. In addition, they discovered the island of New Zealand, which they called "Nuhyrama", or New Hiramia.

With this new wealth, Hiram Land was invested in more and more and a capitalistic economy thrived. However, a slave rebellion in Perth, along with easier ability to own weapons in the area, caused the entire colony to rise up, and Hiramia barely shut down the uprising, but for Nuhyrama, this legacy would continue up towards today.

The Hiramians, as a whole, experienced a large downturn in the economy from the early years of the First World War, up until the middle stages of the Cold War, because the wealth dried up, and they couldn't be able to industrialize quite as rapidly as before, and the colony left Hiramia's sphere by 1944, and as a result, Hiram Land began to invest in the war effort, then on financing and then later on towards computing and I.T. and as a result Hiram Land has experienced a new kind of wealth, reaching the $1 trillion mark in 2019.

(1) = Amiguiatsu is the God of War and Justice, which is the patron god of Hiramia (and of Hiramia-Okfew)

Brief Description of the Modern-Day: Today, Hiram Land has invested in I.T. and internet services, along with construction and finances, and finally, in some part, industrialization is still going on to deal with Hiram Land's natural resources. It has adopted some senses of socialism thanks to it being influenced by the Soviet Union and China, however recently it has started to work towards the Nordic socialism model, reforming prisons to prioritize human reform, and working towards free healthcare and other services.

However, it has an interesting political scene. The far-right has started to gain a hold in Hiramian politics, especially in the western and northern portions of the islands, and the Hicklesbury Republican Army, a terrorist organization, has broken a peace deal set in 2011, which is starting to cause problems in Hicklesbury (New Zealand/Nuhyrama). Finally, while its economy is growing in rapid rates, the government has started to see corrupt officials start to cause problems in the country, causing destruction of the national environment and global warming.

Outlook on the World: The government has begun to co-operate more and more with other nations, and it has started to use its economy to pressure smaller nations to get them on their side in international affairs, and it has begun to use it's military to protect other Pacific nations. It states that if foreign nations attack any nation of the Pacific islands, they will get involved and protect the Pacific islands.
[In terms of view towards globalization, foreign affairs, etc]

- Far-right and conservatives have begun to take over seats in the government, especially in the north and west of Australia
- Corruption has started to grow in the country, and the government is attempting to resolve that problem
- National population is being prioritized as labour instead of for education, thus a growing brain drain
- National population has been stagnating since the end of the "Hiramian Depression", from around the 1980s onwards, and while it has slowed down, it is still a problem
[For example: brain drain, population shrinking, weak border defense, etc]

Diplomatic Relations Policy: Hiram Land is friendly with fellow Oceanic and Pacific countries, along with fellow democracies and Western countries, and neutral to other countries.
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Diplomatic Mission Host Cities: Cities like Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland are often where embassies are often located.
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