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The Interplanetary War // World War III

━ Overview ━

The Third World War was a drastic and horrifying interplanetary war lasting for the better [or worse, technically] part of the 2120s. It is so named for the fact that it included most existing countries and was the first war to be fought off-world. Similar to the world war before it, it had 2 major alliances - the Friedens, a neo-Fascist movement making up disparate countries, and the Koslovics, a group of radical communists making up mainly Russia and mainland East Asia. Every nation was rocked by the war, causing the fielding of their best weaponry and somewhere around 2 billion soldiers. Entire industrial, economic, and scientific capabilities were thrown forward for the war effort, creating at least a vast age of innovation.

Most consider world corruption and stolen resources for the cause of the war, with the pre-2127 United Nations being the forefront of this. Ties to and pandering towards specific governments drew out the battle plans and let the course of the world fall right into their hands. "Intervention" only worsened the situation, providing the Koslovics with all the military and economic resources they could ever need - Everything from oil, ammunition, and automotives to money and food stripped right from the International Monetary Fund, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, and other alliances respectively, especially the United States. This angered the Friedens, since the war had only been intended to occur between them and the Koslovics. Frieden assaults on other targets drew more nations into the war and created a world war.

Civilian populations were kept under smoke and mirrors, causing civil wars due to lack of resources and situations similar to the "Red Scare" of the 20th century. The most popular civil war was the secession of the western seaboard of the United States after the Northwest Secessionist Force had formed in Washington and Idaho. The corrupt president at the time ordered several small-yield nuclear weapons to be fired from Montana to California, causing the San Andreas Fault Line to crack open and dump everything west of it into the Pacific Ocean. This crippled the United States, and the NSF took Oregon, California, Nevada, and Baja California.

Many other civil wars and proxy battles occurred, with new factions, nations, and alliances forming. By 2123, the world was in total war. The Brazilian coup brought even more industrialization and destruction to South America after it allowed the Koslovics to control it and Bolivia. Baffinia, consisting of northern Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Greenland, seceded from Canada after its annexation was allowed by the United States. Russia lost Kaliningrad to the Baltic Republic after it declared itself independent from Koslovic Russia. The European Union banded most of Europe together into a sigle union except for the Baltics and Scandinavia, but also included the overseas territories of the Canary and Azores Islands, French Guiana, the Ivory Coast, Tanger-Ceuta, and much of Kenya. Yemen experienced its second civil war, the Freiden movement winning. The United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama formed the North American Union after the fall of Central America and administer the region as a protectorate. Ireland completely cut off English control and joined the European Union. The Australian government, which had become the head of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance and controlling New Oceania, was overturned by the country's civilians.

Offworld, the Koslovics and Friedens had supporters in Earth's colonies. Koslovic supporters massacred soldiers and civilians in the Argyre Planitia on Mars to secede from the Earth Governate.

i will continue writing soon