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Government Ministries, Agencies, and other Bureaus

The following ministries are placed below and are not in order of importance:

  • Ministry of Agriculture

  • Ministry of National Commerce

  • Ministry of War

  • Ministry of Defense

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Power

  • Holy Ministry of the Hospital

  • Ministry of Urbanization

  • Ministry of Law

  • Ministry of Labor

  • Ministry of Foreign Indignation

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Transportation Systems

  • Ministry of Interior Security

Independent Agencies include:

  • International Espionage and Intelligence Agency (IEIA)

  • National Criminal Apprehension Agency (NCAA)

  • National Space Exploration Administration (NSEA)

  • Nuclear Energy Defense and Construction Bureau (Nuclear Bureau)

  • National Reserve Agency (NRA)

  • Interior Tax Agency (ITA)

  • Financial Security Bureau (FSB)

  • Interior Postal Service (IPS)

Offices within the Ministries:

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Office of Agricultural Sale and Circulation

  • Office of Agricultural Research

  • Office of Health Inspection

  • Office of Farm Regulation

  • Office of the Forests

  • Office of Rural Development

Ministry of National Commerce

  • Jericho Manufacturing Industries Head Office

  • JMI Consumer Division

  • JMI Automobile Division

  • JMI Electronics Division

  • JMI Textile Division

  • JMI Construction Division

  • JMI Housing Division

  • JMI Chemical Division

  • JMI Small Arms Division

  • JMI Heavy Arms Division

  • JMI Aerospace Division