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Underground Heavy Metal in The Order

The Order is heavily characterized by its authoritarian (borderline totalitarian) government with a strict control over media, especially music. Music, often called a way to express words without speech, has become a popular way for rebellious groups such as the Crimson Insurgents and the Dreadian Brethren to push their anti-Atlas and anti-government agenda. The Crimson Insurgents band ,Verepataljon, are often noted as a staple in the genre of heavy rock, expressing heavy beliefs on socialism and other collectivist ideals through a more classic type rock with distortion and a groove bass line. However, the famous band Kukkunud Põrgusest associated with the Dreadian Brothers utilizes extreme heavy metal with downtuning, heavy distortion, fast tempos, and grungy riffs. Some of their famous songs include "Kukkus" or Toppled, a song about overthrowing the regime in a violent revolution, "Heatheni sõit" or Heathen's Ride which criticizes the Holy Church of Atlas, and their most famous song, "Põrgu Märts" or Hell March talks about the extreme military strength and the wasting of lives by gloryhound generals.

Although there are a multitude of bands in the underground, we'll be focusing on the pro-Communist band Verepataljon and the Anarchist band Kukkunud Põrgusest. These two bands have become the most notourious of all the bands and are on a national watchlist for immediate arrest by the National Criminal Apprehension Agency. Although the music is heavily looked down upon within the country by the majority of the population, the music is very popular among international ears in the Grand Republic of Greater Autenheim, the Federal Republic of Astana-Anders, the United States of North Electrica, and even nations on other continents.

Kukkunud Põrgusest -Fallen from Hell-

By far, Fallen from Hell has become more notorious within the Criminal Apprehension Index as well as fame abroad. Based from the anarchist group Dreadian Brothers