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by The Commonwealth of The Beneluxian Empire. . 150 reads.

How I see other nations

The Beneluxian Empire: The one and only

The benelux space colony: My Pet

Republica Guilleana: I don't know honestly

New Celoveniortan: The RMB Post Liker

Territorio di Nessuno: The one Loch Ness Monster with a AR that got taken away by the authorities

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg: I don't know either

Pigeonstan: Pigeonstan

Aerilia: The guy who wanted my post suppressed cus I said i didn't like purple

McMasterdonia- The WA Delegate

Zazumo- Aerilia's biggest enemy apparently

Cereskia- letter-d

Friently- The SR guy

Kranostav- Haven't heard much from him

The Northern Light- The Guy who tags me in factbooks and sends tg's about the wa when i can't join the wa cus my main is wa delegate of a pretty small region.

Katuda- I know him as the host of TNPV XIII and nothing else


Dotala wrote:yall like my flag?


The Cascadian Bioregion- From what I've seen, just a normal person

Townsvalley- The guy who's tax rate is 10%

Mon Island- I see him as The Holy Lucky Red Monster of Mon Island

Democratic unicorns- just Democratic unicorns

Xagill- The guy who was given Nessie's authority.