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Operational Security [JTF]

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The integrity of JTF operational security is maintained by several layers of protection. All layers are strictly enforced, as they are designed to keep outside elements from gaining access to JTF and allied military secrets. The following is a list of the layers with brief descriptions for each.

1. The command has full accountability at all times, and membership is transparent.
i. All members are listed on a public roster.
ii. All members must register all military puppets with the command, use the JTF jump point, and fly a JTF flag.
iii. A nation's JTF membership can be verified at any time by checking the roster or asking the Director or a Lt. Director.

2. Mission-critical information is highly restricted.
i. Only JTF members have access to the #jtf_active Discord channel.
ii. Members' Discord accounts are verified onsite.
iii. The #jtf_active channel is not used for confidential information. Only piling orders, organization updates, promotions, reports, and availability calls are permitted there.

3. The security of partner military organizations is respected at all times.
i. Links to outside operation servers are sent privately to trusted members only.
ii. Operations led by the JTF are coordinated from a secure area of the main Alliance server, which is regularly pruned.
iii. Visible server traffic during operations is suppressed to conceal activity spikes from outside observers.
iv. Specific information regarding outside operations is never posted until the moment of update.
v. No information regarding outside operations is passed out of the JTF command to any other person under any circumstances.

4. Members are exclusively part of the JTF.
i. All members abide by a strict one-organization policy. New members must resign from all other military organizations.
ii. The command knows the location of all members' WA nations at all times.
iii. Members holding rank in other organizations, providing confidential information to other people or organizations, or refusing to disclose their WA nation are dismissed immediately.

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