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Outlaw Origin

The nation of Bastropia got its start as a collection of unaffiliated highwaymen and train robbers. These men came from all over: wanted men elsewhere, soldiers that had no home to return to, and desperate folk looking to make their fortune. Despite efforts made by other cities to keep their citizens safe, the bandits of the land formerly known as Bastrop County evaded all attempts at capture, with several of the gangs annexing early attempts at settling the region. Eventually, a man named McDade, the leader of one the gangs, cut a deal with the cities and the gangs for safe passage through their territory. This agreement among the gangs also called for a mutual protection pact, and was the earliest semblance of government. After a time, the gangs united under a single banner for the good of all those who lived in the land. This new nation was called Bastropia.