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The Gardener's Gazette, edition 7

The Gardener's Gazette

Welcome to the seventh edition of the The Gardener Gazette! The Gazette is released monthly and keeps both gardeners and guests informed on the happenings within the Card Gardening Society. This is the first edition of 2021 and we wish a Happy New Year for all of the Card Gardens and NationStates!

Garden Insight
by Giovanniland

Welcome back to another monthly insight into our society! This time I write about December, a month in which activity increased in the Gardens' Discord server. Here you can read about all that happened in a few paragraphs!

Throughout the end of 2020, many Gardeners wondered about when Season 3 of trading cards would come. Despite Season 2 being released in late November of 2019, no new snapshot was taken around the same date in 2020, nor in the rest of the month. Some farmers even questioned themselves about whether Season 3 would even come, and there were a few comments about the Gazette's Season 3 Quiz, whose results are only being calculated after the release of a new season. There were also a few discussions about stats and easter eggs, possibly because of the increased chance of a higher card rarity when a nation has more badges. Interestingly, some topics unrelated to NationStates as a whole were also discussed, such as real world politics.

In the Toolshed, a few scripts were discussed and some new members asked for advice, quickly responded by other Gardeners. The Garden Displays channel continued to be active, with some people commenting about new collection ideas and others announcing their completion of collections. An example is Grand Abaco's recently-completed regional collection of The Free Nations Region, composed of over three hundred cards. Finally, the Farmers' Market also increased in activity, with more trades than previous months and even some comments about interesting auctions, such as pull events and transfers.

Some recent donations to the official card storage EpLeHo are worth noting in this article. In mid-December, Zentata noticed that they had fallen out of the top 250 deck value (DV) in the world, and thus donated all of their valuable cards to the Gardens as promised some months earlier. Furthermore, Vylixan sent a Site Supporter gift to EpLeHo later on the same day, doubling the card capacity and allowing the storage of more rewards.

Last but not least, some card farmers joined our society during December: welcome Svenskskit and Infinitecimal!

Winners of the Month
by Giovanniland

There were nine giveaways in the month of December, five for legendary cards and and the other four for epic cards. One of them was held on the last day of 2020 for some, and the first day of 2021 for others. This month saw the return of a doubly lucky winner, this time Deretania! All other seven giveaways were won by different people, including new member Infinitecimal.

Below this article you can see an interesting review of giveaways from the Gardens' founding until the end of 2020. Be sure to check it out!


Number of Wins



Cirrus azale


Grand Abaco


The Atlae Isles










Giveaways: from the Gardens' Founding until the End of the Year
by Giovanniland

Giveaways are a long-standing tradition of the Gardens, starting after the founding at the day of April 7th, 2020 and lasting to the present day. During eight months of Gardens history, a total of 77 giveaways were hosted and won by 30 different nations. Furthermore, a few changes to the mechanics were made throughout this period. This article will have an in-depth review and interesting statistics related to giveaways!

The first ever giveaway took place two days after the founding, i.e. April 9th, 2020. The winner Zeritae won a copy of the season 2 legendary card Bright Angel. One day later the first epic card giveaway happened, and Terra potestatem received a package of epic cards including Nothreen, Bright Stars, Kyldellian Xtugon, and Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States. Meanwhile, the last giveaway of the year may change depending on the reader's timezone: either a Season 1 Wulfhelm legendary card giveaway sent to Oofery, or an epic card giveaway won by Boda six days earlier.

Out of 77 giveaways, there were 2 people winning five times, 6 people winning four times, 7 people winning three times, 7 people winning twice and 8 people winning once. The graph below shows all Gardeners who have won at least two giveaways, while the eight other winners (Antinios, Infinitecimal, Narvatus, Pytong, Recuecn, Rikanhimel, Terra potestatem, and Vylixan) are grouped into the 'Others' category.

2020 Giveaway Winners

Some important changes were made to the giveaways during the Gardens' history. Just one day after the first giveaway, a new rule was enacted in order to prevent a member from winning two giveaways in a row and force a re-roll in the case that happened. In early May, members could now opt out from giveaways in order to not be included in the pool of names. Members could also opt in again later if they so chose, with a new Discord mask/role being given to opted-in members to quickly distinguish between the two, and a new giveaway roster being created besides the main membership list. Some months later, in August, it was found out the Discord bot used for random number generation (Poll++) had been choosing certain numbers more than others. Following the incident, the Administration team decided to switch to a different bot (Beldum-Bot) and to shuffle giveaway roster numbers to randomize the process even more.

Other fun facts regarding giveaways are also worth noting. For example, there were two giveaways on May 1st after an influx of new nations caused by a YouTuber ended up making NationStates temporarily unavailable. Some giveaway announcements were also themed on real world holidays, such as a Halloween epic card package that included administrator Giovanniland's brains. Furthermore, the reactions to giveaways were already mentioned in previous editions, such as the puns with the winners' names and the word congratulations, a trend originally started by Evrigenis and later adopted by nearly all Gardeners.

Last but not least, some interesting stats were selected to bring this article to a perfect end:

Most wins 5 (Boda and Zeritae)

Least wins 0 (any member not mentioned in the table above)

Closest two giveaway wins by a single member Big Shot (April 24th and May 1st), Giovanniland (May 14th and 21st), The Salaxalans (September 11th and 18th), Oofery (September 25th and October 2nd), and Cirrus azale (November 27th and December 4th)

Farthest two giveaway wins by a single member Inven (June 4th and October 16th)

Closest three giveaway wins by a single member Big Shot (April 16th, April 24th and May 1st)

Farthest three giveaway wins by a single member Zeritae (July 17th, October 9th and December 17th)

Two wins in one month Big Shot (April), Giovanniland (May), Mediobogdum (June), Awesomeland012345 and End666 (August), The Salaxalans (September), and Deretania (December)

Most valuable legendary gifted* Reploid Productions given to Apabeossie

Least valuable legendary gifted* Corfad given to Rikanhimel

*note: market value calculated at the time of publication.

The Return of the Monthly Contest
by Giovanniland

There was no monthly contest in the last Gazette edition, partly because of the fact we're still waiting for the new season to come in order to release Season 3 Quiz results, and also due to the holidays. However, they are returning this month!

Our Society will be hosting a Card Poetry Contest in January, in which participants will have to write some kind of poetry (haiku, free verse, sonnets, limericks, etc) related to cards. Our goal is to see how the Gardeners can convey the feeling of cards within the lines of a poem, and also host a contest somewhat different than we have done before, while staying in the broad theme of NS Trading Cards. We hope all participants have fun!

The rules of the contest are as following:

1. Only one entry per Gardener is allowed;
2. Participants must submit their entry to Giovanniland by Discord DM or NationStates telegram until 23:59 EST of February 5th, 2021;
3. Submissions will be judged by the Sub-Administrative Committee. The winner will receive a Legendary card, and additional rewards may be sent out depending on the number of entrants;
4. Entries must:

  • be written in formal and proper English;

  • be related to NationStates Trading Cards;

  • follow NationStates & Discord rules;

  • have at least 3 lines and at most 30 lines (including stanza breaks), with no more than 100 characters (including spaces) per line;

5. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden, resulting in punishment within the Society if found out;

See you all next month for another Gardener's Gazette edition. Credits to Giovanniland for leading the newspaper publication and writing the articles!

The Protectorate of Card Gardens