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Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company



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Agentejo por Konkurencivo de la Kompanio
Agency for the Competitiveness
of the Company

General data

Abbreviation : ACTION
Type entity: Government agency


Foundation: Juny 5, 2019



Headquarters: Gandul, 129
Icosium, Nova Kartago

Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company

The Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company (ACTION) is the public agency for the competitiveness of the New Carthaginian company, assigned to the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Nova Kartago. Its objective is to promote the competitiveness and growth of the business fabric New Carthaginian, through the promotion of innovation, business internationalization and the attraction of investments.

In fact, ACTION is also responsible for attracting foreign investments to Nova Kartago, a task carried out through the Nova Kartago Trade & Investment area, which is specifically responsible for promoting Nova Kartago as an attractive, innovative and competitive area for businesses foreigners From Nova Kartago Trade & Investment, the agency accompanies and advises foreign companies during all phases of their projects, when looking for partners, the most competitive suppliers or the latest technology they need to settle in Nova Kartago. Currently, ACTION has seven branches throughout Nova Kartago.

ACTION was born in June 2019, after the merger of the Nova Kartago Commercial Promotion Consortium (NKKPK) (Esperanto: Nova Kartago Komerca Promocia Konsorcio) and the Center for Innovation and Business Development (CNKD) (Esperanto: Centro por Novigado kaj Komerca Disvolviĝo), which add more than 20 years of experience to support the New Carthaginian business fabric. Collaborate with local and international business entities to add synergies and get the New Carthaginian company to have a broader range of instruments to grow in competitiveness.


The mission of ACTION is to contribute to the success of the companies in the market by fostering their competitiveness, which goes through the binomial between innovation and internationalization. ACTION accompanies New Carthaginian throughout its process of competitive differentiation and continuous search for new business opportunities. It guides them so they know their environment and can take advantage of the changes that take place, enhancing those elements that allow them to differentiate themselves and position themselves in an advantageous position in the face of future and global challenges.

With the intention of enhancing the competitiveness of the New Carthaginian business network, ACTION also advises companies in getting funding, helps them grow through training programs and guides them on clusters, among other programs and support services. For its part, startups are also a priority for the public agency, not only for their disruptive projects that impact the entire New Carthaginian business fabric, but also because they are a source of innovation for larger companies. In short, ACTION adapts to the whole reality of the New Carthaginian business ecosystem, becoming the best companion for the business of the present and the future.

Attraction of investments and internationalization

From ACTION the connection of the New Carthaginian company to the world is promoted and it advises when it comes to implanting itself in new markets and discovering global business opportunities, as well as helping it in the process of " Internationalization of innovation (search for international partners, technological cooperation projects, organization of international business missions, etc.), thanks to the local support and knowledge of its specialized team.

ACTION in the territory

In addition to its head office at Icosium, ACTION has seven delegations to the rest of Nova Kartago, which strengthen its vocation of service and proximity to the company and make it a benchmark in promoting the competitiveness of the New Carthaginian business fabric. Delegations work all over the territory to know first hand the needs of companies, respond and detect opportunities at the local level.

These delegations are:

Icosium area, which covers these three southern regions of the Icosium province.

High Nova Kartago, which covers the counties of Tingis, Septem and Banasa.

Nova Kartago Central, which covers the Carthage, Uzinaza, Sifitis, Altava, and Cohors districts

Oea, which covers the counties of Oea, Sabrata, Culcul, Cirta, Thamugadi, Sicca Veneria, Thugga, Capsa and Turris Tamalleni.

Hippo region, which covers the counties of Hippo, Pomaria, Igilgill, Hadrumete and Rapidum.

Nord Vescera, which covers the counties of Vescera, Lambaesis, Castellum Dimmidi, Gemellae, At Medias and Theveste.

South Vescera, which covers the counties of Ammaedara, Thysdrus, Sufetula, Gheria and Cydamus.

Nova Kartago Trade & Investment program
(Foreign investments)





Contract date


Eldorado Cheese


Icosium area
Nova Kartago Central

Jan 15, 2021

Eldorado cheese is #1
brand for gourmet cheese.
Made on farms of the
Silvedanian, Australian,
Hoyerlayian, and Ranaken countrysides.

Lawson Supermarkets

Supermarket chain

Hippo region

Jan 17, 2021

focusing mostly on the Hippo county,
but still providing in the rest of the area.

ISS - International Secretarial Service

Office work

Nova Kartago Central

Jan 19, 2021

Secretarial services and IT assistance
The ISS offers its services to both
private and public/governmental agencies.


Fashion boutique


Jan 19, 2021

Teen fashion and accesories
Asri also provides tailor service
for any customers who request

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