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Public Games for the Public

Public Games

The oldest Tradition and part of their culture and everyday life: Fights of Gladiators.
The professional gladiators are sent by various nations and are considered stars amongst the people, while it's possible that they are getting harmed, they are advised to not kill each other. These gladiators showcase a wide range of weaponry and warcraft.

Another attraction are the executions of traitors to the people, they are either killed by gladiators or dragons, sent by New Vooperia.

Ludi Judicii is a tournament held on the forrest moon of Iustitia held by Sigurd. In this tournament 24 convicted criminals with a death sentence fight for their freedom. They can get their hands on weaponry and medical supplies to ensure their success rate. The goal is to be the last one-standing.

The winner will be accepted into the ranks of the MARAUDERS - but if they break the law again, they will be executed.

Following the love of violence and destruction, it wasn't that far fetched that another tournament would be created with these ideals.
In the Gladiatorial Robot Fights competitors can build their own humanoid robot, equipped with various lethal weaponry like chainsaws, flamethrowers but no guns. The humanoid robots are not sentient and will be controlled from a safe place. The goal is to ultimately defeat and destroy your opponents.

Unlike other tourmanemts, companies are allowed to participiate - even outside companies can participate in these tournaments. As long as scales and requirements are fullfilled.

This tournament is for the ones who love the adrenalin of highspeed, tricks and flips. Racers are driving with cars that are able to drive in high speed, can make flips and tricks trough certain equipment - the tracks are pretty mad with loops and driving on the wall. The drivers are safe and will be ejected safetly, the car however will be shredded.