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WT | Prince Edmund to fight climate change

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January 2021, Issue No. 202010241411

Prince Edmund to fight climate change

His Royal Highness Prince Edmund, Heir Apparent of the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne, has pledged to become involved in a yet-to-be established organisation that will called the Institute for the Protection and Conservation of Nature and Life, or IPCNL for short. His Royal Highness gave an exclusive interview to the Westminster Times a few days ago on this very subject, the results of which you can read below.

The IPCNL will strive to rescue and protect species from extinction and further damage being done to their environments. It will focus mainly on the United Kingdom, but if other parts of the world are interested as well, they too can apply to establish relations with the organisation. A key task to be performed by the Institute, is to highlight scientific researches about the changes in climate and the earth’s environmental systems. It will do these researches in part by itself through a section headed by

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”In my previous career as an active officer with the Grenadier Guards, I have experienced at a personal level what devastation humans can bring to others as well as to their surroundings. I fought to stop harm being caused, and I will continue to do just that, albeit in a new role”, the Prince said. This new role that the Prince will undertake will be twofold: first of all, he will become the Institution’s Director, alongside two others who have yet to be named. The other aspect of the role is that of a royal patron, which is more of a ceremonial function. The Prince’s private secretary announced that the a sum of Fl. 20 million will be invested by the royal family in the organisation, sixty per cent of which is destined to be spent on researches and new innovations.

Rather than becoming an activist shout group, the Institute hopes to become a respected think tank for the Orange-Bourgognian Government and other public entities across the globe. However, the Insitute also encourages others to think. They have promised to create a special award for the most innovative idea that contributes to the protection of life in the broadest sense. With the award will come a sum of Fl. 2 million.

It is rumoured that the organisation will expand in size rather quickly by establishing ‘panels’, sections that will focus on one particular aspect. The Institute is eager to take on experts from other nations, though they must have “an outstanding reputation and unquestionable credentials”. One such candidate from within Orange-Bourgogne could be professor Edward Russell, who specialises in biological evolution and how species adapt to new surroundings.

His Majesty’s Department of State for Nature has welcomed the initiative launched by the son of King Henry I. They have said to be willing to support the Institute “in every way we are able to”. The Department has, amongst other measures, taken a decision to grant a sum of Fl. 5 million in the first year, and then Fl. 25.000 annually.

Critics and climate sceptics say that the only interest that the Royal Family has with this project, is their bank accounts. However, the Prince strongly denied this. “First of all, I put my own resources into this Institute, not taxpayers' money. Secondly, the vast majority of our assets will be used for research, meaning that I do not profit personally from the wealth generated. In fact, it will be other entrepreneurs who will profit when they inevitably come up with new innovations based upon the research that we can now do. As I have no interests in these second group of companies, I will not earn a single penny […].”

This article was written by Hugo Meijer, Correspondent for Westminster Times.

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