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What is the Pestilence? We interview pestilence expert scp 049 to find out.

What is the pestilence? Scp 049 has been trying to cure it for centuries but we still don't know what it is. We have interviewed him to find out.

Reporter Jackson: So tell me, doctor, what exactly is the pestilence?

Scp 049: Are you feeling well, sir? I think you need curing.

Reporter Jackson:No No NOO!

Scp 049: Do not be afraid, I have the cure.

Due to the unfortunate incidents in our initial interview we have tried again...

Reporter Ward: So tell me, doctor, what exactly is the pestilence?

Scp 049: The pestilence is a great disease, many people suffer from it, including your last reporter, sir. Thankfully, you do not seem to have it.

Reporter Ward: Well that's a relief.

Scp 049: Indeed it is. It would be most unfortunate if another reporter had to suffer from the pestilence.

Reporter Ward: So, you haven't given us much of an explanation, we already know that it is some kind of illness but can you be more exact.

Scp 049: The pestilence causes great suffering. Thankfully, I am getting closer to a perfect cure.

Reporter Ward: Will the perfect cure make them zombie-like and aggressive?

Scp 049: No it would not, sir. The cure will be the cure to end all cures, the great cure to the great dying.

Reporter Ward: That's nice to know, but what are you curing us of? Don't say the pestilence or the great dying, but what does it do to us? What are the symptoms?

Scp 049: You are a curious man, one that will fit well into science but I can tell you nothing more than that I am working on a great cure. Once I cure everyone, the world would finally be without the mass suffering and the mass dying. My cure is nearly finished. It is not perfect but it can cure people. My cure is most... effective.

Reporter Ward: I don't think many people will say that.

Scp 049: They do not realise what I am curing. But I am curing something. They may not realise it, but my cure is of great importance to them, to humanity.

Reporter Ward: Anyway, based on what you have told us in the past, we have had this pestilence for centuries, even millennia, yet we have been perfectly well since that time.

Scp 049: I do not expect you to understand. You see, you people have not been perfectly well in that time. You have been suffering and dying from it. I am working to put an end to that.

Reporter Ward: We can explain those deaths. They died from other causes. We do not have any proof that the pestilence even exist. We do not have any proof that you cure is a cure. It is in fact the opposite. I am sure many people will agree.

Scp 049: MY CURE IS A CURE, sir.

Reporter Ward: Sorry, didn't mean to make you angry, but based on what you have done, most people believe that you are not curing but in fact harming and killing.

Scp 049: I will never harm a human. I cure them. You do not understand, but they felt better after I have cured them. They were happier.

Reporter Ward: They didn't look happy. They looked angry and they were violent.

Scp 049: They were happy. If you keep sending me those animals, I will progress in making an even better cure, one that does not cause violence. But that progress will be very slow. Very slow. I need live human subjects to work on. It seems that you rarely give them to me. The orangutans were good but more live humans would be better. After I cure everyone, they will be content. They will be happy that I cured them My cure is most... effective.

As you can see, Scp 049 didn't do anything except repeat what he said multiple times. Although we did gather some information. His next 'cure' will be better than his present one.