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Kamile's Family


Kamile's older sister. she was born in the year 9943, in the same space colony where the Kmer would be born. At the age of 18 she entered the university of the nearest bishop ring to study medicine. She graduated with honors in 9967 and went to work at the Anter hospital. Two years later, the Gryan-Remulian war broke out and she, along with other doctors, were sent to medical camps on the military fronts.
Kaila healed many soldiers throughout the war, where she met Opi, who would become her boyfriend.
When the war ended, she went back to work in Anter, and when her sister became Kmer, she had to move to the capital, where she went to work in one of the most renowned hospitals in the empire.
Right now, she and Opi are engaged.


Kamile's second older sister was born in 9945 in Anter, when she left school, at the age of 17, she decided to study electronic engineering. Due to certain academic problems, she graduated in the year 9969, the following year, during the war, she dedicated herself to repairing and programming robots and robotic armors that would later be sent to the battlefields.
When the war ended, she moved to the capital together with Kamile and helped her a lot in her studies while she worked in a major robotics company.
She is dating a girl named Lukra, who has dyed her hair purple.
As an extra fact: Elikak in her youth dyed her horns green. That fact still makes her pretty ashamed.


Kamile's older brother, born in 9949 in the space colony of Anter. During his childhood, he played a lot of practical jokes on his sisters, who adore him quite a bit. When he graduated at 18, he decided to join the Imperium's aerospace forces. For the three years prior to the war, he devoted himself to learning to handle Imperial ships with great discipline. Those studies finally bore fruit during the war, where he shot down several enemy ships, one of which he destroyed in a kamikaze attack, fortunately, he had several bodies available, so he was able to return to the front (after receiving the scolding of his parents and sisters).
At the end of the war, Kylie wrote a book about his experiences in the war. The book, called "Flying Under Fire", was a resounding success, winning the book of the year award. He pilots the diplomatic ship that Kamile uses to visit allied nations. In one of those missions he met the one who would be his girlfriend: a Sebiront named Kuaga-ara, which in their language means "Rising Star".
He considers Kamile "his most precious treasure" and has been her confidant for years.


Kamile's mother. she was born in the year 9917 on the planet Snaiad. She was an only child, which made her parents give her all their love and support. In the year 9935, she entered the university in her hometown to study art. She was a rebel and was involved in several student riots, in one of those she met her future husband, Jutia, with whom she had several dates before getting engaged.
When she graduated, she moved with her boyfriend to Anter, where they were married in the year 9941. In Anter they had her children, including Kamile.
When war broke out, they were no longer eligible for conscription, so they had to stay in Anter where they watched the news about the different battlefields in anguish.
When she received the news that Kamile had been chosen Kmer, Synaa threw a huge party to celebrate the event and assured her young daughter that she would always be there for whatever she needed.


Kamile's father. He was born in the year 9916, in Snaiad. He and his twin, who is 30 minutes older than him, enjoyed a very interesting childhood, meeting to play with his band of friends, which was made up of different species. When they both graduated, while his brother went to study xenoarchaeology with the love of his whole life in the neighboring city, Jutia decided to study computer science in order to create video games. It was at that university that he met Synaa and fell madly in love with her. After several dates, she agreed to be his girlfriend.
After graduating, he and Synaa moved to Anter where they were married in one of the nearby churches. He raised his children with all the love and affection that he could give them, and the only thing that saddened him enough was knowing that his children were recruited to go to war, needless to say, he was not amused by the fact that his son, Kylie, did something as stupid as crash his ship into a Gryan ship with him still inside, killing himself in the process.
A curious fact is that he and his wife have not moved from Anter to the capital despite the insistence of his children. He considers life on the Remulian species' homeworld to be too hectic for his liking, preferring the quiet and simple life of the space colony.

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